FRAnce Gallery

Barely known yet slightly mysterious, truly unconventional yet pretty famous among "insiders" fragrance store "France Gallery". It locates on Sheikh Zayed road, Shangri La hotel, back side where offices entrance is, 5th floor, then you make your way toward officeplace of France Gallery, enter office, pass by entrance hall are finally at the place. Not an easy place to find if you haven't been before but it is like finding a treasure having few pieces of a torn map, has its adventurous spirit.

Location: Shangri La hotel, Sheikh Zayed road,  Dubai. Back side of hotel, offices entarnce.


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FRANCE GALLERY Fragrance Brands Portfolio:

1. Houbigant.

2. Chivaas.

3. Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

4. Animale. 

5. Emmanuel Levain.

6. Oliver & Co.


8. Meo fusciuni.!homepage-/nw4xp

9. Masque.

10. J.F. Schwarzlose & Sohne.

11. Jacoglu.

12. La Manufacture.

13. Friedemodin.

14. Ann Gerard.

15. Paul Emilien.

16. Peccato Originale.

17. April Aromatics.

18. Jean Patou.

19. Badgley Mischka.

20. Vince Camuto.

21. Renato Balestra.

22. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier.

23. Bramble.

24. Suhad Perfumes.

25. Galimard.