Ambient Scent. What we know

It was not a first time I came across this intriguing and promising topic, Ambient Scent.

Scent is an inevitable part of our dwelling, whether we are aware of it or not. Perfumes, Candles, Incense Sticks, Home diffusers, People' smells, Hotels smells are just mere part of how we deal with a scent on a daily basis. In some cases we are pretty mindful about what we smell, albeit in most cases we are not. We may feel good in one place and be disgusted in another. There are certainly reasons for it, and not only scent, but what is being smelled often comes unnoticeably, affects and makes us feel, think, behave in one or another way.

We all know that roughly Fragrance industry can be divided into two categories:

- Fragrance (Natural Oils, Perfumes, Air Fresheners, etc)

- Flavor (Food&Beverage, Skin Care, Body Care, Cosmetics, etc.)

There is another classification that describes varieties of a scent:

- Promotion ("Marketer") scent. Used as a special promotional tactic to associate certain product/goods with a desired odor.

- Perfume. As we know it. Can be further categorized into: "Supermarket" Perfume, Commercial (selective), Fashion Brands Perfume, Niche, Luxury Niche

- Ambient Scent. That's where I'd like to attract your attention. Where a scent is not a product yet a part of a marketing environment.

Ambient scent can be classified:

Objetive Ambient scent

Covert Ambient scent

The difference is only in a way it is introduced, either it is obvious to notice and be aware of its impact on a person, or it is made in a way that it is difficult to identify its influence on a person.

Scent companies spend a pretty time studying ways a scent affects human beings. The results become marketing. However they don't go far away from Aromatherapy, yet more elaborative and tricky (new molecules, Captives, etc).

This article is about favorable benefits of the Ambient Scent. So why it is so important?

There are multiple purposes of Ambient Scent:

1. Retail.

- To make people spend more time in a store, mall, place

- Make them feel cozy and inspired, willing to make purchases and less worried about arguments (price, service, merchandising, etc.)

According to scientific researches (on of them is mentioned below) properly chosen Ambient Scent can inspire people to spend more time in your store by 50%, increase your sales by 20-40%, enhance traffic, and many other benefits.

2. Social.

Imagine queue in a bank, or in one of the Government institutions: waiting, nerves tensioned, worry, irritation. These feelings are almost inevitable. And here an Ambient Scent comes as a savior, people are relaxed, at ease, feel invigorated and enthusiastic, wiling to wait with no irritation. Seems like miracle, albeit is a fascinating reality.

3. Branding.

Wherever you go, you can recognize a place, company, brand, store by its unique smell. From Emaar Hotels to Baskin Robbins ice-cream, companies are willing to have their signature not only in packaging, design, products but also in a scent recognition. Imagine, you can recognize a brand or product only by its scent, without event seeing the product itself.

4.Home. When we use for Home Decor and Scenting (diffusers, candles, etc.)

There are already many companies that offer you a complete solution:

Ambient scent development

Diffusing systems


However there are not that many in UAE yet. Dubaihasniche established successful partnership with several companies that provide complete solution.

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For further reading:

Article: "The Use of Scents to Influence Consumers: The Sense of Using Scents to Make Cents"

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