Atelier D'Artistes by Alexandre.J. As we don't know him yet.

photo by @dubaihasniche

Alexandre.J steps into new dimension of Perfumery, luxury niche, by introducing special line Atelier D'Artistes ( that consists of 22 Fragrances. Pretty much for a new collection, albeit not plenty for an enthusiastic fragrance discoverer.

10 Fragrances belong to ultra artistic Collection "Meili" (photo above). Meili has Chinese origin, means something "beautiful", generally used as a girl's name, consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Mei-li.

Alexandre.J is an artist that is passionate about changes, experiments and surprises in perfumery, design and innovative olfactive approach. In a past 5 years we see continuous and impressive evolution of Alexandre.J products. Its world famous Collection "The Collector" is widely recognizable by its distinctive shape, packaging, aluminum bottles with logo and special medallion, and, of course, by popular appealing to majority scents. However even this collection is influenced by changed and might never be the same in years, and It is actually Alexandre.J promise. So make sure you have at least one in your collection until something new and artistic comes up.

Alexandre.J inspirations and ideas bring to Perfumery World new creations and collection. Something that stays with us for years. However change is an inevitable part of life and Alexandre.J well understands it, and takes courageous decisions by developing new packaging materials, scents and ideas.

Alexandre.J modern uber-artistic and luxury Collection Atelier D'Artistes has another 12 Fragrances that are inspired by different cultures and places.

Spirits of African Savana and Coffee Plantation intermingled with mystery in magnetizing bottle of fragrance EQUID, carrying coffee and dry woods as main ingredients.

EQUID, photo by @dubaihasniche

One more mystery is hidden into NAIA, fragrance that has been inspired by mystical creatures, mermaids and their power to attract men by a power of seduction and spell.

NAIA, photo by @dubaihasniche

Romantic DAMAH is a tribute to a glorious time of Arabian Peninsula, striving by making Pearls. Bottle is fully made of "Mother of Pearl" with decorations of semi-precious stones and gold-plated elements. If we look one more time, we can spot Teardrop shape of the bottle, teardrop of happiness. How many times in our lives we have cried due to being happy, might not be too often, yet DAMAH is a convincing reason to make it at least one more time. Fresh and salty beginning of the scent transforms in romantic sweetness, symbolizing happiness.

DAMAH, photo by @dubaihasniche

CoeuRouge Rubis is a pinnacle of the Atelier D'Artistes, holding grasping olfactive character and decorated with pure gold and Rubis.Current Retail Price is 40,000 EURO. Certainly for collectors with daring spirits.

COEUROUGE, photo by @dubaihasniche

Atelier D'Artistes Collection has been exclusively launched in the Middle East (UAE) and currently available at Alexandre.J Pavilion in City Walk and Yas Mall. Some of the Fragrances you can also find in Dubai Mall.

Your time will be rewarded (at least emotionally) once you indulge yourself in discovering these amazing scents and glaring at artistic bottles. Some sort of olfactive and emotional medicine for everwishing personality.

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