Best Spring Scent. Part 1

Best Spring Scent

"Dubaihasniche" makes selection of the "Best Spring Scent" and trying to specify what the "Spring Scent" is.

In major parts of the world 4 full seasons exist, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Here in the Middle East, especially in UAE we don't have this circulation of Nature and are doomed to live in everlasting Summer, what, of course, has its own benefits and privileges.

Spring is a time for flowers like intoxicating Lilac, elegant Iris, earthy Hyacinth, narcotic Daffodil, splendid Tulip, mysterious Rock Rose, charming Cyclamen, stunning Plum/Cherry Blossom, gentle innocent Bluebell and Wisteria.

Spring is a symbol of a new life, of awakening and beginning. It is a great time when nature revives itself after deep winter sleep. We are, humans, as an integral part of the Nature and Life inevitably involved into their circles and changes. Everyone who experienced true Spring wii never ever forget these feelings of Vigor, Freedom, Brightness, New hopes and visions. We are awakening together with nature, even if we are too busy to notice that.

My Selection is about that Spring time and feelings one has, co-existing with the movements of Life.

This time I've selected 11 fragrances that, in my opinion, symbolise a true authentic spirit of a Springtime.

1. PENHALIGON'S Bluebell

The fragrance with 30+ years history, fragrance of Queens and Duchess. It is said the Princes Diana was in love with it. Undoubtedly she definitely could, Bluebell, in spite of its gentle nature and Spring spirit has powerful character and charism. Somewhere bitter, powdery floral, earthy green and it is just a beginning , the more time passes the more power in it appears, leading you into unequivocal base where a hint of warm vanilla rounds wearer up and makes feel he/she is in a care.


2. BYREDO La Tulipe

Byredo has succeeded to create a truly invigorating Spring scent, reminiscent of a morning garden moist.

BYREDO La Tulipe

3. Xerjoff Shunkoin

Xerjoff has succeeded in creating fragrance that brings us to Shunkoin cherry garden in Japan where local ambience is so peaceful and full of life vigor that it is almost impossible not to feel the need to meditate.

Xerjoff Shunkoin

4. BOND #9 High Line

New York, modern tribute to the urban poetry of local gardens and places. Epitomises the beauty of Spring time.

BOND #9 High Line

5. VOLNAY Perlerette

In few years Volnay will celebrate its anniversary and become a brand with century of history. Perlerette is a magnificent scent that evokes Springtime feeling, full of bright and memorable moments.

VOLNAY Perlerette

6. JO MALONE Plum Blossom

"Plum Blossom" is jewellery of the Spring and Jo Malone pays homage to this blossom and its meaning in nature and perfumery. "Plum Blossom" as a breathe of fresh air, deep fresh airy but lats only for a moment.

JO MALONE Plum Blossom

7. JO MALONE Wisteria&Violet

Yes, again Jo Malone, one more Spring-evoking scent with Violet, Wisteria and water Lily.

JO MALONE Wisteria&Violet


It is reminiscent of Spring for me, because of its brightness, complexity, invigorating feeling and elegance of violet with a mysterious touch of Frankincense.



This fragrance was chosen also because of its character, it gives an impetus for new actions as a breath of Spring air does.


10. CASAMORATI Bouquiet Ideale

It is said that it is "An unforgettable dream on a romantic April night". How on Earth someone was right! Warm bouquet of woods and spice. It is the only fragrance in this Selection that contains no flowers except rare and narcotic Tobacco Blossom but is about Spring, New endeavours, Hope and Care.

CASAMORATI Bouquiet Ideale


This is an eleventh fragrance in the Selection, fragrance I have barely forgotten to mention but it has huge impact on the Fragrance World. Its Hyacinth and Iris are pure Spring portion.


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