Closet Case Dubai. Fashion&Fragrance Wardrobe.

Nowadays you can barely find any famous fashion brand that haven't launched its Perfume line yet. But what if some wants to focus on art of fashion only and let others do their job well ( launching perfume line)?

Then you have Closet Case. Unique multi brand fashion store concept that came to Dubai from London. Who visits and buys fashion items in Closet Case? Briefly, those who earns and have artistic spirit.

When I looked at the the list of fashion brands in Closet Case, my tiresome assumptions told me: "It is a puzzle then a list of brand", as I have never heard about any of them. Just look for yourself: 11 by BBS, D GNAK, JUUN J, DEVOA, S.S.S.R. and many many others. I opened existed, but never know to me before, fashion world. Art of niche fashion.

Fashion wardrobe & Fragrance wardrobe.

The world is still at its dawn in understanding Fragrance Wardrobe, while fashion has been much more progressive on this account. Often, we chose occasion for our fragrance randomly, relying either on intuition, market suggestions, recommendations or current availability. Fragrance Character and Meaning are still fantasy for majority.

Closet Case went beyond ordinary, toward creativity, and offers unique niche fragrances that match unique niche fashion. You are dressed fashionably and olfactively.

Selection of niche brands does certainly give a credit to Closet Case, as you won't find all-around-avaiable perfumes here, but can dip into something truly rare.

Find your time to travel to Dubai Design District and visit Closet Case. You will re-evaluate fashion world and will chose your olfactive outfit.

Have a great olfactive time.

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