"Dubai Has a Niche". Atelier Perfumery. True fragrance connoisseurs' spot.

"Dubai Has a Niche" represents Niche Fragrance spot "Atelier Perfumery" and as title states it is really for "True fragrance connoisseurs".

Galleria Mall on Al Wasl road in Dubai hosts one of the most exquisite creative and personalised spot of Niche Perfumery.

It is decorated in an elegant aristocratic style with warm woods, glass, mirrors and stands. All creates welcoming spacious comfortable atmosphere to have private space for experiencing rare, exclusive and artisanal scents from renown fragrance houses.

What one also may notice is a rare for Dubai wallpaper walls decoration. Here, on one of the shelves, shines SANTA EULALIA, niche fragrance house from Spain, stuns with its gentle fragrances of supreme quality and artisanal spirit.

On the left from SANTA EULALIA we can find ODIN, perfume house from New York with its lovely and creative fragrance collection.

Near to ODIN I found new to me fragrance brand BALDI FIRENZE, luxury Italian interior design firm which launched a line of fragrances in 2013.

Another new discovery in Dubai's Luxury Niche Fragrance Market is LAUREN MAZZONE, French niche house with creative conceptual scents.

Opposite wall has gathered brands like ROADS, NABUCCO, SERGE LUTENS, ATELIER COLOGNE, CREED, BOADICEA DE VICTORIOUS and others.

What inevitably had hold my attention is a CREED Exclusive Collection, earlier strictly available only in its flagship boutiques.

One more new discovery was LUBIN, truly French fragrance house. Here is what www.fragrantica.com says about it:

"Just after the French Revolution, Pierre François Lubin founded his Perfume House, at rue Sainte Anne in Paris. He provided perfumed ribbons, ball masks and rice powders to the “Incroyables” and “Merveilleuses”. His most famous creation however was the “Eau Vivifiante” later called “Eau de Lubin”. The fragrance soon won him the favour of the Imperial court. And so began Lubin’s renown thanks to Empress Joséphine and Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghèse. When the Bourbon monarchy was restored, the perfumer dedicated his fragrances to Queen Marie-Amélie.

Thanks to these gentle ladies, the crowned heads of Europe began to trust Lubin. Among his documents are proudly displayed the Coats of Arms of France, the King of England, and the Russian Tsar. He also added the American Eagle to his list, as he was the first perfume maker to conquer the New World in 1830. From the banks of the Mississippi to the palaces of India, his fragrances would soon be famous the world over."

Hereunder is a list of brands that I have been able to find:

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