"Dubai Has a Niche". Beautyworld'16. Quintessence zone. The fragrance heart of exhibit

"Dubai Has a Niche". Dubai Beautyworld Middle East 2016 has recently finished and here is dimension I've seen it.

There are myriad selections of different brands, companies from all over the world (5 continents, nearly 1500 exhibitors and 120 countries). It is so easy to be lost and completely exhausted if have no prepared a plan for yourself where to go and what to witness.

My focus of attention has been constantly directed onto Niche Perfumery and I couldn't find better place for it as Quintessence zone.

Quintessence has gathered around such lovely truly Niche brands as:

Thomas Kosmala has given the most prominent impact to the zone. Introducing his fragrances himself and telling his inspirational stories he has managed to arrange a "Perfume Ingredients Course" as well, explaining and sharing his view on the most delicate popular and exquisite notes, not forgetting to mention peculiar details and challenges of material as well as sharing few of his own secrets in blending and composing. There were intrigue, passion, stories, impatient questions, splendid listener and story-teller.

That was a great discovery for me to open the vast fragrance world of Thomas.

Apart from his already famous fragrance White Oud and Black Oud he introduced few new creations.

Ulrich Lang New York, with him and his fragrances, one feels he is at the Art exhibition, unintentionally passing by a bridge made of olfactive temptations from being random guest to most welcomed friend.

Friedemodin is at Beautyworld Middle East. Capturing attraction by its elegance and grace. The key, the symbol of the brand, to one's "olfactive heart" is offered.

Maria Candida Gentile and Ormond Jayne have shared common counter.

Herve Gambs and Raw Spirit, are in the opposite corner.

Of course, there were others, like Alexander J, The Different Company, Illuminum London, Profumi del Forte, Linari, Ramon Monegal and Bois 1920.

In some way, there were not titans of Niche Perfumery like Kilian, Xerjoff, Amouage, Le Labo, Nasomatto, Frederic Malle and others which made it, exhibition, less exciting however still with a tint of intrigue.

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