"Dubai Has a Niche". BY KILIAN "In the city of Sin" all sins are already forgive

"Dubai Has a Niche" series.

BY KILIAN. "In the city of Sin".

Daring idea. Vociferous name. Extravagant packaging. Astonishing fragrance. Remarkable brand.

Smelling this fragrance only on a blotter is like tasting a new exotic fruit you never tried before, without trying you'll just have approximate assumptions. "In the city of Sin" has to be experienced in real situation, on skin.

This is where you may open the underground world of passion, fierceness and complete indulgence into burning confidence, the fragrance radiates. You may be forced to challenge yourself to dare to wish that had been hidden in opaque labirinths of your mental limits, you may face your the most willing sins. Bergamoty start with plumish cover of patchouli shows you entrance to the lair of the king of this concoction, pepper, while igniting red Turkish rose gently guides into Sin City of your most-wanted hidden desires and pops you up above your own limits.

Available at BY KILIAN counters across the UAE.