"Dubai Has a Niche". Carolina Herrera. Confidential.

"Dubai Has a Niche".

Carolina Herrera's fragrance collection "Confidential" is already available in Paris Gallery.

Another Fashion Brands have "Prive", "Private", "Exclusives", CH has got "Confidential", well, it is their creativity, fresh and something new. Le't see if fragrances are so creative as well.

1. Fragrances.

"Confidential" consists of 6 fragrances, each dedicated to one major material which after surrounded and enriched with another notes.

Here they are:

"Neroli Boheme".

Soft fresh slightly invigorating beginning with gentle Neroli, Citrus notes and Jasmine. Official story of the fragrance is amazing: "The lush emerald gardens, vivid sunsets and breathtaking landscape created the backdrop to indelible memories of a distinct time and place where every sense was captivated". Well...somewhere nearby the scent is. It is not that much zesty and cool as TOM FORD's "Neroli Portifino" and not that much floral as ROJA's"Neroli". Well balanced, soft, refined and definitely worth to try and experience.

"Nightfall Patchouli".

Here we are between TOM FORD's "Patchouli Absolu" and L'Artisan Parfumeur's "Patchouli Path". "Nightfall Patchouli" is definitely more refined and softer than TF and more deep and extravagant than LP.

"Burning Rose".

Here is small paradox, Rose reminds you of Oud ("Oud Couture"), Oud reminds you of Rose ("Burning Rose"). "Burning Rose" has rich woody base with balsamic notes of Myrrh.

"Herrera Tuberose". "Tuberose is the queen of white flowers and the symbol of herrera’s timeless elegance... Floral, sensual and intense..." and it (Tuberose) is so however fragrance ("Herrera Tuberose") is not that much. First 10-20 minutes I found a war among Tuberose, Jasmine and Orange Blossom, one emerging upon another (what is pretty frustrating) and only after a pretty while the union has occurred. Final point is soft fresh lonely Jasmine.

"Amber Desire".

Sweety, pretty, warm, nostalgic Amber. "The story of Amber Desire started with ambre 83, an emblematic and elementary perfume base created at the turn of the 20th century that became part of classic oriental fragrance structures", this is what officials say.

"Oud Couture".

Rose, rose and rose. Classy composition. Somewhere nearby ARMANI PRIVE "Rose D'Arabie" and KILIAN's "Rose Oud" however KILIAN's Rose is a Paragon of all Rose's parfumery while CH is some-somewhere nearby.

2. Fragrance Oils Collection.

There are four Essential Oils in this collection:

Musk, Oud, Rose, Sandalwood. All of incredible quality, dense richness, creaminess, intensity, power and charm. Bearing in mind price (nearby 1400AED), size (15 ml) and price of Oils from, for example, DIOR (3ml at around 2700AED) this is amazing option and CH Oils are much softer gentle tender and desirable.

There are few ways how you may sniff fragrance: Blotter card with golden coverand ceramic pens which you need to dip in special bootles with fragrance.

3. Counter.

Locates in Paris Gallery, Dubai Mall. Style, rich colors, contrast, simple yet complex, modern yet retro. Definitely cozy and friendly place to experience fragrance.

Sum up. CH "Confidential" is experience worth your time and attention. Representative "fashionable" part of "Confidential" is amazing while regretfully fragrance part is omitted.