"Dubai Has a Niche". Drowning into the scent. Part 1

"Dubai Has a Niche" makes selection of fragrances "Drowning into scent" that can be described as ethereal sacred unbelievable, elevating you on highest level of indulgent, make you melt and drown into fragrance.

1. SOSPIRO Opera

Luckyscent.com gives us following description:

"With Opera, Sospiro presents a truly extravagant interpolation of the artistry and pageantry that inspires this dynamic line of fragrances. A delicious and varied melange of fruits greets us in the top notes, with such exotic treasures as banana, peach and honeydew melon each taking a turn to shine. Soon, floral notes of cool rose and white ylang-ylang join the composition to lend the fruitiness a pleasant powderiness. Vanilla excellently rounds out the delicious base of the fragrance, while ambergris, leather, patchouly, Virginia cedar, vetiver and musk support with nimble dexterity. Exploding with life yet pleasantly easygoing, Opera is a dynamic masterpiece meant to be worn by those who live life out loud".

This is truly unforgettable deeply indulgent fragrance with unexpected Oriental accord gentle Spice and extremely soft Woods. Once tried, one may never forget. One of a kind, where fragrance ingredients are turned into music, that's why, Opera.

2. SOSPIRO Erba Pura

Luckyscent.com explains to us the fragrance:

Erba Pura is a delicious and modern blend of Mediterranean citrus and sweet fruits layered over a warm and sensual amber oriental base. The extended heart and base of the perfume holds a little secret... a rare molecule extracted from a rare Indian herb. Thanks to this extraction technique called “PURA” this Fruity Floral elixir has a long lasting velvety effect and is perfectly abstracted, highlighting a person’s aura.

Erba Pura Notes:

Orange, lemon, bergamot, fruit notes, amber, white musk, vanilla

Bohemian evocative Mediterranean freshness. Whirlwind of emotion and supreme feelings. The art in a bottle, an elixir, fragrance muse.

3. KILIAN Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi

Voulez-Vous... is an ode to lush sensuous rich Florals where their seductive enchanted core indulge you into the essence of bohemian decadence. Officially inspired by "inspiration from dark nights and exciting game of seduction" it represents rich floral powers of Ylang-ylang, Tuberose with intoxicating Bulgarian rose masterfully blended with Cedar and warm Vanilla beans this fragrance is weapon for bespelling its wearers as well as surrounding environment.

4. NASOMATTO Narcotic V

"The fragrance is the result of a quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power." Nose.

Rich lush custard-like florals envelops wearer into powerful flourishing bouquet of buttery sweet Tuberose. First of a kind Tuberose, that intensely creamy but not overpowering with no vestige of Jasmine. It is, simply, unique. You want to cling to the scent, wear it, absorb it, sniff it, spray it, feel it. Magic and, undoubtedly, Narcotic.

5. XERJOFF Grand Ballo

XERJOFF.com tells us Grand Ballostory

The tradition of GRAN BALLO or Debs’ Ball, was born in 1700 when in the noble palaces of the period, in a shining of lights, mirrors and golden stuccoes, young aristocratic girls had the opportunity of finding their own “Prince Charming”. Faithful to the tradition, CASAMORATI recreates the dream with GRAN BALLO, a romantic dance of rare Honeysuckle, Gardenia and Jasmin flowers with warm tones of Vanilla, Amber and Caramel. Even if this, exactly as the dreams, lasts only one night.

First spray, and you are already drowning into the scent...descending deeply and deeply under the spell of the scent. The deeper you are the more intensively whirl of Florals, bohemian freshness surround you. Royal scent, enchanting story, bespelled wearer.

6. LE LABO Ylang 49

"Ylang 49 is a chypre floral, where Pua Noa Noa (gardenia from Tahiti) completes the floral voluptuousness of ylang ylang... Patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, sandalwood and benjoin follow to tip the blend into darker sensual undertones... Ylang 49 is a walk in the woods, a lush floral bouquet in your hand, listening to G. Gould's well-tempered clavier and realizing that a floral composition can go beyond flowers themselves, in the same way a fugue in D minor goes way beyond the D."

Complexity, vortex of unprecedented voluptuousness, new level of fragrance-making.

7. XERJOFF Richwood

Official web-site description:

Centers on sandalwood from mysore, one of the most beautiful --and rare-- materials in perfumery. Crowning the sandalwood's mellow warmth is a halo of crisp citrus. Patchouli and dark rose tinged with cassis lend the fragrance the elegant earthiness of a premier cru bourgogne. Just as vintage wine opens in the glass over time, revealing a tale of complex character, richwood rose continues to unfold on skin, enticing the nose to return again and again to experience its splendor.

Again, XERJOFF, keep us its style, everything like never before. RICHWOOD, and all previous Woody fragrance are gone, as if nothing existed in fragrance Woody world except RICHWOOD. Timeless piece of art, shows that the scent is Luxury.

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