"Dubai Has a Niche". France Gallery. Truly unusual fragrance spot.

This post is about barely known yet slightly mysterious, truly unconventional yet pretty famous among "insiders" fragrance store "France Gallery".

It locates on Sheikh Zayed road, Shangri La hotel, back side where offices entrance is, 5th floor, then you make your way toward officeplace of France Gallery, enter office, pass by entrance hall and...you are finally at the place. Not an easy place to find if you haven't been before but it is like finding a treasure having few pieces of a torn map, has its adventurous spirit.

It appeared to be a "Mekka" of new, unknown for me, niche fragrance brands with peculiar, utterly specific concepts and ideas.

This is a list of brands (25 brands) that were new to me and weren't mentioned in my previous posts about Niche Fragrance Brands we have in Dubai "Brands we're proud of to have":

1. Houbigant. https://www.houbigant-parfum.com

Operating since 1775, the House of Houbigant is the only fragrance house that has existed through four centuries of history.

2. Chivaas. Yes there is the fragrance as well.

3. Comptoir Sud Pacifique. http://www.comptoir-sud-pacifique.com

"How can one tell about Comptoir Sud Pacifique - one of the most unique fragrance houses in the world- without focusing on the seventies, when the brand was born in 1974 in out of the imagination of Pierre and Josée Fournier." Comptoir Sud Pacifique was one of the first, of a movement of exclusive niche fragrance houses in Paris, inspired by nature and a desire to do things differently." States their official website.

4. Animale. http://www.fragrantica.com/designers/Animale.html

5. Emmanuel Levain. http://www.emmanuel-levain.com/en/

"The House of Emmanuel Levain was founded in Geneva from the union between the imagination of a man enamoured by the exceptional, a succession of rare creations and the expertise of outstanding perfumers. With daring and elegance, Emmanuel and Cécile, his partner in all their innovations, searched out the finest natural ingredients and, drawing on their olfactory memory, converted them into a selection of unique, beguiling and unusual fragrances."

6. Oliver & Co. http://www.oliverandcoperfumes.com/en/

Oliver & Co. perfumes is an avant-garde artisanal brand founded in Madrid in
 2009 and driven with the resources of self-taught perfumer Oliver Valverde. When referring to Oliver & Co. we talk about a brand proposing conceptual experiences for people who want to go beyond olfactive boundaries.

Oliver & Co. - perfumes is devoted to a constant search for quality, innovative designs and mind-blowing fragrances. All perfumes are handmade in Spain with prime and pure raw natural materials from all over the world, and molecules developed by the most prestigious perfume laboratories.

Oliver & Co.’s formulas are astonishing, the strength of marvellous natural ingredients combines in a sophisticated way with amazing molecules. There are no top, middle or base notes. there is no scent pyramid, and none of the standard perfumery gimmicks.

7. ZOOLOGIST. http://www.zoologistperfumes.com

"Here at Zoologist Perfumes, our fascination with animals is boundless. Their habitats, behaviours and looks; their similarities and differences with humans, even their smells give us a lot to ponder. Their cunning inspires us, their agility resonates with our primal instincts, and their cuteness makes us giggle."

The scents itself are really creative innovative and truly unique however when you associate them with animals and even more, animals like BAT or PANDA, it becomes extremely difficult convince yourself to wear any of them.

8. Meo fusciuni. http://www.meofusciuni.com/#!homepage-/nw4xp

"Meo Fusciuni is an Italian artistic perfume house founded by Meo Fusciuni, a Sicilian herbalist doctor. The nose of the collection is Giuseppe Imprezzabile and its artistic director is Federica Castellani.

Initially launched with the Trilogy of Journey, inspired by three locations—Istanbul, Morocco and Sicily—the house expanded its range in 2012 and 2013 with the Cycle of Poetry collection and launched its first parfum, Narcotico, in 2014."

"The poetic pyramid, followed by the olfactory one. This is my belief, smell before perfume, poetry before molecules."

9. Masque. http://www.fragrantica.com/designers/Masque.html

Masque is a perfume house founded by Riccardo Tedeschi and Alessandro Brun in Milan in 2012.

"Fascinated by perfumes and fine fragrances, they strengthened their background starting an educational programme in olfactory techniques (encompassing study of the reference books, attendance to seminars and training courses, and burning their midnight oil with untold practice hours) and started feeling at ease in the enticing world of noses and raw materials. They start writing some memories, and soon come up with a collection of “scenes”, representing moments of their past lives, places they visited, friendships and loves, feelings, deja-vus and recurring dreams.

Not just Orchestra Directors, they now turned into playwrights and producers of an Opera, in whose Acts and Scenes young and talented noses – rising stars of worldwide artistic perfumery – would wear the mask and interpret their roles. It was 2012, and Masque Fragranze was born. From now on, Masque fulfils the needs of even the pickiest customers, with two brands and two product lines complementing each other: Masque Fragranze and Masque Cosmetics(started in 2010)."

10. J.F. Schwarzlose & Sohne. http://www.schwarzloseberlin.com

The German company J.F. Schwarzlose & Sohne was founded in 1856 by manufacturer of musical instruments Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose, as a family pharmacy business for his sons. However, over time his sons created their own business, in addition to the family pharmacy in Markgrafenstrasse 9 in Berlin, namely the business of creating fragrances.

11. Jacoglu. http://www.jacoglu.com/index.php

12. La Manufacture. http://www.lamanufactureparfums.com

La Manufacture is a French haute perfume house founded by Bruno Truchon Bartès. An industry veteran with more than 20 years' experience at major fragrance companies.

13. Friedemodin. http://www.friedemodin.com

"Each collection captures the story of a different place, time and culture, in a beautifully balanced composition which is extraordinary and evocative."—Friedemodin.

14. Ann Gerard.

15. Paul Emilien. http://paulemilien.com

16. Peccato Originale. http://shop.peccatoriginale.com

"Peccato Originale ("Original Sin") is a line of perfumes founded by chemist Silvia Monti. Inspired by her work as a chemist and the customers she encountered every day, the Peccato Originale line covers a path bordering what might be called the "world of smells" and the proper "world of perfumes." This olfactory groove is shared in large part with the scents of galenical [medicines prepared according to the formulae of ancient Roman physician Galen, or containing one or more organic ingredients as opposed to pure chemical substances] preparations. All fragrances in the line are intended for both men and women."

17. April Aromatics. http://aprilaromatics.com

April Aromatics was founded in New York by Tanja Bochnig. Since 2008 the brand has been based in Berlin.

18. Jean Patou. http://www.jeanpatou.com

Jean Patou (1887-1936), a designer, creator and hedonist was born in Normandy, France. The family business helped him reveal his talents as since 1907 he started working with his uncle in the furs business. In 1912 he moves to Paris and opens a small fashion-dressmaking atelier Maison Parry. In 1914 he sells his entire collection to an American buyer. The World War I disturbs his career, as he served as a military captain at the Dardanelle front in 1915.

After the war, in 1919, he reopens his boutique, this time under his own name. The first fragrances were: Amour Amour devoted to brunettes, Que Sais-Je? for blonds and Adieu Sagesse for the red-haired.

The famous perfume JOY he created in 1925.

19. Badgley Mischka. http://www.fragrantica.com/designers/Badgley-Mischka.html

Mark Badgley and James Mischka, a dynamic designing duo from the U.S., emerged with their first couture collection in 1988, while studying at the renowned Parsons School of Design. They soon became extremely popular with the Hollywood crowd as well as other jet-setters for their glamorous, ultra-feminine yet irreverent approach to eveningwear. Bridal collections followed in 1993, and to great acclaim. Recently, sportswear, fragrance and accessories lines were added, all of which remain true to the key Badgley Mischka characteristics - chic, glamour and sensual femininity with a certain effortlessness, which, as the designers themselves proclaim, is extremely important too. They reside in Palm Beach, FL (USA).

20. Vince Camuto. http://www.vincecamuto.com


21. Renato Balestra. http://www.renatobalestra.it


22. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. http://www.maitre-parfumeur-et-gantier.com/nouvelle_boutique/?&id_lang=1


The company's first fragrances for men and women were introduced in 1988.

Fragrances for women are encompassed in four collections: Les Fleurs Divine ("Divine Flowers"), Les Symphonies Legeres ("Light Symphonies), Les Accords Mysteres("Mysterious Accords") and L'Invitation Au Voyage ("The Invitation to Travel").

Men's fragrance categories include Les Parfums du Levant ("Scents of the East"), Les Caprices du Dandy ("Whims of the Dandy") and Les Aromatiques ("The Aromatics)".

Maitre Parfumer et Gantier introduced a luxury collection in 2011, Les Eaux Extravagantes ("Extravagant Waters") that offers updated and enriched versions of some of the house's classic scents.

23. Bramble. https://www.facebook.com/brambleperfumes

24. Suhad Perfumes. http://www.suhadperfumes.com

25. Galimard. http://www.galimard.com

Galimard perfumery was founded by Jean de Galimard in 1747 in Grasse, France. Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon was related to the Count of Thorenc and great friend of Goethe. For over 250 years this perfumery has been following the same tradition of quality, using old methods and natural ingredients.