"Dubai Has a Niche". Imperial Scentury. Lovely fragrance oasis.

"Dubai Has a Niche" introduces unusual lovely niche spot "Imperial Scentury". Yes, right, it is not a spelling mistake, it derives from two words "Scent" and "Century". What is so "unusual" and "lovely" I have found visiting this place? Let's see.

It humbly locates in Sunset Mall, First floor, Al Wasl road, Dubai. What inspired me the most here is its cozy lovely hospitable atmosphere full of lights, colours and decorations which I have never seen in Dubai's Niche Marketplaces. Looking around makes you feel how much personal care and approach were given to this place. Decorations are hand made, perfume boxes are gently wrapped in a gift papers or ribbons. Totally unobtrusive comfortable environment opens in front of you another door, the door of truly niche perfumery.

Let's have a look what fragrances brans I have found there.

The very entrance welcomes you with Atelier Cologne.

After, on the right, following Tisiana Terenzi and Volnay

On the left luxuriously placed Maria Candida Gentile and Brecourt.

Surprisingly for me there is Etat Libre d'Orange which i couldn't find anywhere else, except Plethora, Dubai Mall which was introducing only two Etat Libre d'Orange's fragrances albeit in Imperial Scentury I found more fragrances.

Ramon Monegal has beautifully occupied one of the shelves.

In another corner one can find well and creatively arranged Prudence Paris

It was extremely interesting to find here Maison Francis Kurkdjian with his fragrance ROUGE 540 in two editions, regular bottle and in Baccarat glass worth nearly 5000 USD.

Hereunder is the list of brands that I found in Imperial Scentury:

Atelier Cologne,




Dr. Vranjes Firenze,

Etat Libre d'Orange,


Harve Gambs,

Il Profumo,


Le Gallion,

Liaison de Parfum,

Liquides Imaginaires

Maison Dorin,

Maison Francis Kurkdjian,

Maria Candida Gentile,

Miller Harris,



Nicolas de Barry,

Nobile 1942,

Ormonde Jayne,

Profumi Del Forte,


Ramon Monegal ,

Rance 1795,


Royal Crown,

Serge Lutens,

Tiziana Terenzi,


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