"Dubai Has a Niche". Japan, Plum, Smoke and Cozy Winter.

"Dubai Has a Niche" represents TOM FORD Private Blend "Plum Japonais" and open new investigation about "Best winter scent".

It is already official winter in most of the countries of the world so covering yourself in warmth coziness and enchanting winter atmosphere becomes simple necessity while this article offers additional feeling, Luxury perception of winter's spell which, of course, would not have been complete without "Plum Japonais".

First spray opens a door into welcoming hospitable environment of cozy room with fireplace full of pleasant scent of warm and friendly smoke (Agarwood, Fir and Benzoin). This is exactly moment where Japanese UME Plum comes out and envelop existing environment with depth and richness while Plum Blossom enliven current concord.

Scent, as our night dreams, eventually goes to the end and Gentle Spice accord (Saffron, Cinnamon) and warm Vanilla beans guide you to the very point where all has to be started again.

Available at TOM FORD counter across the UAE.