"Dubai Has a Niche". LE LABO. Discovered and lost.

"Dubai Has a Niche".

Recent discovery is regarding LE LABO (Niche Fragrance Brand from United States). LE LABO (https://lelabofragrances.com/us_en), as a brand, had started its fragrance journey in 2006 with 10 fragrances and has grown up to 45 in 2015.

What is remarkable about LE LABO?

1. Design.

This is first what we may experience before even hearing a story of the brand or sniffing its fragrances.

White laboratory-test-tube-likesticker is on each bottle mentioning name of ingredient the fragrance dedicated to, number of notes (materials) used in it, additional info like size, concentration, where it was compounded, "Fresh until" date, AND what is remarkable, you can type your or fragrance receiver's name on it ("For" column).

This is small detail however pleasant and convincing.

2. Of course, Scent.

LE LABO is where everything like anything before.Superficially typical names of fragrances which say what ingredient the scent is enveloped around leave no space for typical compositions. The only what you may recognise is the name of material written on a bootle. The scent is refined yet complex, soft yet sophisticated, unrecognisable yet memorable, rare yet desirable.

3. Exclusivity. Nothing that much desirable as unattainable.

LE LABO is a new brand to Dubai's Niche Market and soon preparing to celebrate its first year. It has humbly hidden in Sacks Fifth Avenue, Burjuman Mall in Karama however, what is really regretful and that is why post name is "LE LABO. Discovered and lost", that the brand is going to be taken away from Sacks Fifth Avenue and may not be represented in Dubai any more. Supposedly these are changes due to new owner of the brand, Estee Lauder Group, and we will be able to experience LE LABO fragrances in another place with another distribution strategy in Dubai.

In Sacks Fifth Avenue represented 15 fragrances:

Patchouli 24, Ylang 49, Ambrette 9, Rose 31, Santal 33, Vetiver46, Neroli 36, Cuir 28:

Iris 39, Oud 27, Jasmin17, Bergamote 22, Lys 41, Labdanum18, Fleur d'Oranger 27:

Sum up.

LE LABO is definitely a proud of Niche Fragrance Market, creators have managed to show the world that typical names are not typical fragrances, that superficial ordinarily may conceal and mask extraordinary exceptions, that truly niche is still art creativity and alchemy of the scent.

You can still find (until March 2016) LE LABO in Sacks Fifth Avenue,Burjuman Shopping Mall.