"Dubai Has a Niche". Lucky 13th. Choosing Dubai's best Musk.

"Dubai Has a Niche". Lucky 13th. Choosing Dubai's best Musk.

Gold winner. #13. Tom Ford "White Suede"

Silver winner. #11. Santa Eulalia "Albis"

Bronze winner. #1. Agonist "White Oud"

#1. Agonist "White Oud".

Deceiving oud-like start open gates into the world of uber-sensual warm mysterious Musk.

#2. Amouage "Dia Women".

Chic chic and chic…Classic elegant unrefined Musky fragrance.

#3. Dior "Musc Elixir".

Old-fashioned oud-like Musk with obvious animalic notes.

#4. Carner Barselona "Tardes".

Musky almond with magic Tonka Beans. Incredible blend.

#5. Guerlain "Cruel Gardenia".

One of the most naturally smelling musky fragrances due to prevalent floral notes and this is definitely advantage.

#6. Lorenzo Villorezi "Musc".

Raw unrefined slightly harsh, somewhere primeval and woody however with its own charm.

#7. Lorenzo Villorezi "Teint De Neige".

Clean powdery, tender mild sensual elegant gentle fragrance. One of the best you can ever find on the market.

#8. Nasomatto "Silver Musc".

Soft soapy clean with strong pepper side.

#9. Parfum de Nicolai "Musc".

Refined modern elegant from genuine connoisseur of Niche Perfumery.

#10. Ramon Bejar "Elvish Musc".

Eerie citrus-like musk albeit chick and elegant with highest quality of materials.

#11. Santa Eulalia "Albis".

One of the most "Muskiest" fragrance. Elegant vibrant sensual. Esthetic ethereal heavenly clean gentle mild and tender.

#12. Serge Lutens "Musc".

This is retro glamorously old-fashioned powdery musky scent But wildly sensuous and passionate.

#13. Tom Ford "White Suede".

The very beginning is petrol-like and this is overcoming point, if you pass it, you will be merged into elegant sensuality of clean fresh slightly powdery Musk covered with Mate tea and Lilac. In few minutes warm charming Suede comes up it here you are in a cloud of irresistible blend which lingers and stays with you almost a day, spontaneously emerging from time to time letting you know that it is with you without any disturbance of its owner.

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