"Dubai Has a Niche". Meeting Ramon Bejar.

As streams of river water every time refresh lakes and seas, Dubai's visitors bring to city new visions inspirations and keep it modern. Recently we were honored to welcome unbelievably creative and talented Ramon Bejar from Barcelona,Spain.

Some, may be, would question who he is but he is the one among those who dictates and set new heights in Niche Perfumery. Individual with supreme creativity and "beyond imagination" vision inspires and create fragrances that become legends and never disappear in humans' minds. Ramon Bejar is one of the most diverse creators as well, his brand portfolio just grows up with time, "Ramon Bejar", "Quarzo thr Circle", "Bejar signature" and many others (www.bejar.com).

This time Ramon has introduced to Dubai (apart from he already has his RAMON BEJAR line represented in Plethora, Dubai Mall) his exclusive rare brand "Quarzo the circle" featuring fragrance elixirs with incredibly high quality of materials and truly unique, stunning packaging featuring crystals, gold, rare gems and diamonds.

Few fragrances from "Quarzo" line cannot be not mentioned.

1. Meteorite (Beyond Collection).

"Feel the energy of a Meteorite that fell to Earth over 6,000 years ago in Campo del Cielo (Sky Field, Patagonia) transformed into a fusion of cold, metallic raw materials with an aromatic touch and the power of the Diamond Quartz… A superhuman luxury, a gift from outer space.

This perfume contains a Genuine Meteorite and 3 Diamond Quartz."

Fragrance includes ingredients like: Tangerine, Metallic Notes , Black Pepper, Smoked, Incense, White Amber, Cedarwood.

The fragrance that definitely should be experienced to feel a beauty of a contemporary fragrance art with rich luxury sophisticated scent in it nourishing you with ancient power of 6 000!! Years meteorite. Idea, beyond the current lifetime, fragrance, breaking rules of all traditional perfumery, materials, expensive and rare seldom used in that quantity.

2. Alchemy (Gems Collection)

"The mystery of alchemy is revealed. Feel the power of the philosopher’s stone.

With gold, platinum, rhodium, indium.. and Diamond Quartz, forming the Holy Grail of alchemy salts. Open your mind and heart. Experience the multidimensional qualities of perfume. All matter is living. Cuarzo The Circle is an exquisite combination of the world’s finest natural materials, all of which impregnate each other, happily united. This perfume brings you fragrant molecules and imprints of energy due to the contact with those other living beings: Diamond Quartz, the wisdom of alchemists “The Philosopher’s Stone”… and the wave shape generated by the bottle and the packaging.

Top notes: Coriander · Ceylan cardamom · Nutmeg · Geranium leaves · Mandarin peel · Blooming lavander · Pink pepper

Middle Notes: Incense · Oud · Australian Sandalwood · Amber · Vetiver· Violet · Magnolia · Rose oil Turkish and absolute · Egypt oil · Peach, Myrhr oil

Base notes: Musks · benzoin balsam · Cedarwood · Sandalwood"

RAMON BEJAR line is represented in Plephora, Dubai Mall.

This line consists of 8 fragrances (9th and 10th are coming) captured in rare stylish expensive, pretty heavy for usual perfume bottles crystal glass that is pleasure to keep at home among your gems and jewelry collections. At the same time scents inside of this art bottles are even more precious than high-end jewelry. Due to not aggressive and moderate marketing these fragrances are famous only among true genuine niche fragrance lovers so far but they have everything and even more to be the most desirable fragrances on a planet.

Those wanted to experience these pieces of art may find them in Plethora, Dubai Mall located on 1st floor near to Sturbucks above main entrance of Dubai Mall.

There are few new fragrances from Ramon Bejar are on their way and it is my great acknowledgement to Ramon for letting me try and asking my opinion about coming fragrances. It is not my right to unveil secrets of these fragrance but I may say that ideas, inspirations and scents are miraculous and are able to be breakthroughs in Luxury Niche Fragrance Market.