"Dubai Has a Niche". Nabucco. Story wins.

"Dubai Has a Niche" represents NABUCCO parfums in Dubai.

What is essential for Niche Fragrance Brand apart, of course, from unique scent and peculiar design of bottle? It is unequivocally, a story.

There are myriad stories behind copious niche brands, some tells you about perfume ingredients and its beauty in a new way, some tells about places visited around the world and personal travelling or life experience, some cultivate one's country or region fragrance traditions and cultures, but some tells you about new dimensions of imagination and in-depth meaning where each bottle is a symbol, each scent is a mystery and each name is a conundrum, and NABUCCO is among such brands.

NABUCCO, where niche, fine fragrance making, advance storytelling, mystery, complication, numerology, secrecy have been met.

I had an opportunity to have a personal insight on NABUCCO fragrances and its marvellous story due to courtesy of Malo Duchateau.

At this moment NABUCCO has 1 collection consists of 3 fragrances. Totally NABUCCO perfumes will have 6 collections where name of each starts with first letter of the word RITUEL, so R - Revelation, I - initiation, T - travail (french) and the rest are not revealed yet. Sounds already complicated? Not yet, further is even more.

The first collection Revelation has 3 fragrances:

Fragrances come in 60ml, 20ml bottles and 5ml travel size. Each 60ml and 20ml, as it was mentioned before "each bottle is a symbol", are full of signs, so first, the top of bottle has round circle which means Sun, second, 60ml bottle has two crystal glasses in black and transparent colors meaning day and night in a way that transparent part is longer due to longevity of a day in comparison with a night, third, round semi-sphere in the bottom with perfume visual part means Moon, forth, 7 round strips on each cap have 3 black strips and 4 gold or silver (depends on a fragrance) is an ode to number "7" and its omnipotent meaning in numerology, fifth, if you turn bottle upside down you may find out that the space between fragrance liquid and bottom of the bootle forms "DOMES" vector, sixth, when you open a box in the bottom of it you may secret place with paper certificate mentioning originality of fragrance and serial number.


Nabucco Parfum Fin is a nonconformist and irresistible masculine fragrance, a blend of past and present memories presented in a woody - spicy oil –based composition. The fragrance is inspired by the legend of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II.

Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary and olibanum. Heart: carnation, nutmeg, cinnamon, rose and myrrh. Base: vetiver, guaiac wood, balsam, and amber.


ΓΦΛ Parfum Fin by Nabucco is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. ΓΦΛ Parfum Fin was launched in 2014.

Top notes are red berries, rose and tangerine; middle notes are anise, olibanum, woodsy notes and violet; base notes are leather, ambergris, moss and fenugreek.


Amytys Fin Parfum celebrates the memory of the wife of the king Nebuchadnezzar II to whom he dedicated the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Unique, sophisticated and gourmand, this perfume exudes soft and sensual presence.

Top notes: almond, coriander and heliotrope. Heart: vanilla, jasmine, honey and patchouli. Base: violet, blonde woods, musk, amber and pralines.

You can find NABUCCO fragrances in RIVOLI ARCADE The One&Only Hotel, in ATELIER M perfumery on Jumeira 1 in Galleria Mall, and in the niche perfumery section of Sunset Mall.