"Dubai Has a Niche". Night party scent. Part 1

"Dubai Has a Niche" makes selection for the best Night Party fragrances.

So what is Night Party Scent? Does Night Club has a scent? What would you love to smell like in a Night Club? What odours attract attention in a close, smoky, noisy, sometimes stuffy, sultry atmosphere of hedonistic gathering full of passion, emotions, desires and flashiness?

There is, of course, open air festivals and any similar kind of music&gathering events but I'd like to focus on a real clubbing atmosphere of a Night Club.

What would one expect from Night Club Scent?

So first, due to dark and stuffy&sultry environment where fresh air and day light are veridically scarce one would expect something warm, bright and rich, second, lots of people smoking, it blocks most of other scents and our ability to perceive any other odours so one would expect the fragrance that will overwhelm tobacco&cigarette smoke which due to original warmth but arid and dry scent of tobacco shall be sweet, even more narcotic and have, if even hidden, floral notes, third, perspiration, it, on the one hand, adds attraction to fragrance, on the other hand, it is a distractor of your image, forth, loud music and surrounding, correct perception of fragrance needs attention which is difficult to have due to myriad people around and loud noisy sounds so the fragrance needs to be really "catchy", impressive and should stand you out, fifth, our ardent desire to be "flashy" and radiate glamour, fragrance should spark, be obvious and dare, magnetise and behold radiating luxury style and glamour.

Hereunder are selected fragrances that in my vision will:

- Stand you out from the crowd;

- Grasp others attention;

- Create seductive ambience around you;

- Support with confidence and vigilance;

- Make you feel you are in your "comfortable zone";

1. TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille. Magic warmth of tobacco.

Rich addictive opulent tobacco blossom and leaves surrounded wth Cocoa and Vanilla beans are true seductive poem. Enriched with confidence of Woods and Spice altogether with willy hidden Jasmine Tobacco Vanilla is the authentic standout fragrance.

2. XERJOFF Mamluk. Rich luxury confident ambience.

First, this fragrance envelops you in its charming seducing power afterwards it grasps all others that around you in its unbelievable blend of magic woods and magnetic honey. The pure attraction and seduction.

3. KILIAN Smoke for the soul. Narcotic charm and opulence.

The scent definitely overwhelming the smoky atmosphere of a Night Club. Its redolent narcotic plants intoxicate all environment and there is no escape from its spell.

4. KILIAN Aphrodisiac. Being cocooned by dark honey.

Prestigious tobacco and honey are major energisers that in spite attracting another notes like Raspberry and Saffron attract everyone who is close-by.

5. MFK Oud Satin Mood.

Elegant tender mystery of woods with delicate yet energising softness of unexpected powdery floral charm are able to bewild current environment.

6. PARFUM de MARLY Herold. Lush hedonistic seduction.

Lush sensuality of forbidden fruits accompanied with deeply oriental accord lift fragrance, and of course you, up to the ardently desired heights where everything is attainable for you but you are reachless.

7. NASOMATTO Pardon.

Pardon, ladies and gentlemen, but wearer of this fragrance is the alive narcotic opulence. Warm attraction of cacao/chocolate like notes with Oriental support.

Hope you will find them highly appropriate and enjoyable for this specific occasion.

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