"Dubai Has a Niche". Raymond Matts. Contemporary niche.

My title states "Raymond Matts" and "Contemporary niche". Let's see who and what they are.

First I'd love to try to classify all fragrance market in different categories.

1. Commercial fragrances (mass-market). Can be divided in three subcategories:

1.1 Less than 50$/100ml;

1.2 Range of 50-100$/100ml;

1.3 Above 100$/100m;

2. Niche fragrances (Diptyque, Penhaligon's, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Frederic Malle, Le Labo, Jo Malone, Serge Lutens, etc.);

3. Fashion brands' fragrances (Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, YSL, etc.);

4. Luxury fragrances (Amouage, Clive Cristian, Sospiro, Kilian, Nabucco);

5. Rare combination Luxury&Niche fragrances (Xerjoff, JAR, Ramon Bejar);

6. Contemporary Niche (Raymond Matts, The Different Company )

Why would I say Raymond Matts is "Contemporary Niche"?

It is Niche because all fragrances are made of finest quality of ingredients, appeals to specific niche audience, idea and art are superior than market trends appealing. It is Contemporary because it has innovative approach to scentmaking and blending that all fragrances have ethereal, cloudy, crispy fresh, unexpectedly everlasting green floral effects. Each fragrance you try you find surprise, intrigue, olfactory conundrum, vigor.

As it is mentioned on his official web-site http://raymondmatts.com : "The Raymond Matts Collection, Aura de Parfums, were blended to reflect futuristic and abstract scents that literally float on the neck. ...an aerial view of a transparent tropical sea where the coral, vegetation, and marine life are floating on different levels and can be viewed beneath the blue; a magical layered depth of wonder. Now the popular monochromatic scents are replaced with tiered accords." And you fully understand this when get closer to the fragrances.

Raymond Matts has 7 fragrances in his portfolio so far.

1. Maiaday (My*a*day)

"Natural... Light...Dreamy. Maiaday is an abstract floral inspired by linden trees in bloom on a soft June day. A tactile bouquet of airy floralcy." Starts with burst of green crispy floral notes covered in opaque creamy cloud of muguet and lilac. Tiny spicy tint comes from Saffron inextricably connected to gentle woods.

2. Sunah (Soo*na)

"Soft... Sensuous...Addictive. A hand that traces the sinuous lines of beauty… sheets infused with the softness of her scent. Never a distant memory." Faraway spice with fresh green fruit notes open the door to slightly powdery Mimosa.

3. Tsiling (Tis*ling)

"Flirtatious... Unexpected...Teasing. Challenging the traditions of perfumery and Inspired by pop art, a plastic flower with nature’s scent is born… an unexpected warmth will playfully appear." Creamy milky sweetened fruit accord turns in addictive ethereal florals.

4. Pashay (Pa*shay)

"Grace... Fluidity...Sultry. Sultry days! A sun-kissed Mediterranean shoulder caught my eye on a bus on Fifth Avenue. Alluring… captivating… a need arises to capture the grace of such beauty through a scent." Immediate fresh-salty-sea-air beginning with seaweed scent are being fortified with florals and smoky woods.

5. Tulile (Too*leel)

"Crisp... Elegant...Embracing. Tulile is a refreshing softer side to masculinity with an unexpected playfulness and sensual warmth. Deceptively deceiving with a pleasing alluring nuzzling quality." Authentically crispy green fresh start with watery Lemon evolves into everlasting citrus effect underpinned with soft woods. It really gives you impression of endless citrus freshness that lasts and lasts.

6. Kaiwe (Ky*way)

"Clean... Comforting...Adventuress. Revisiting the lingering scent of a shower aftermath to walking on a rainforest trail of green adventures." Airy minty freshness with dizzy berries give way to green eucalyptus that guides the scent to the warm milky-ambery base. I'd say attractive and daring.

7. Jarro (Yar*row)

"Spontaneous... Daring...Mysterious. Humid vapors rise up inside a private villa on an exclusive tropical island. A daring unusual blend of sisal and the masculine spice of lilies emanates in the air." Wild amber, addictive fruits, hidden citrus, mysterious woods, hot primeval spice create genuine nobleness and man spirit.

Very thanks to Raymond Matts for having a time to share his vision, ideas and inspirations as well providing me with samples of his fragrances.