"Dubai Has a Niche". Sweet heroes of Passion Indulgence Character and...Love.

"Dubai Has a Niche" series represent 4 fragrances radiating 4 essentials of Perfume's Glory.

Hero #1. Xerjoff "LIRA".

Xerjoff…Only name may already shake one's emotions and instincts. Xerjoff is undisputedly King of Niche Fragrances. Its royalty is anywhere you come closer: design, materials, colors and, of course, eventually, fragrances.

When it comes to LIRA you are going to be involved in splendid story of unattainable yet unforgettable beauty. Blood Orange, Bergamot, Jasmine and you are already in a spell unequivocally soaking in enveloping Caramel deep Licorice and warm Vanilla Beans, passively beholding complete immersion into scent of sensual charming Musc.

It is timeless masterpiece, the muse for all generations. It scores in my personal ranking the highest point 10.

Available at Xerjoff boutique, Dubai Mall.

TOTAL: 10/10

Hero # 2. BY KILIAN "LOVE" (Don't be shy).

This is where Passion and Love come together. Inspired by "the marshmallow…a mouth watering treat for sensuous connoisseurs".

It captures you at the first glance into foggy cloud of something desirably unexpected. You're lost, amazed, stunned, somehow frustrated, this is exactly how love enspheres all of you. It, love, is fresh cheerful, sedusevly sweet, generous and connected to flowers (Egyptian jasmine absolute, Bulgarian rose concrete, Bulgarian rose oil, iris butter absolute), it is also sparkle vibrating pulsating and alive (Tunisian neroli oil, pink pepper berries oil, coriander seeds oil).

This is what "LOVE" (Don't be shy) for me. Enveloping passionate and simultaneously, simple LOVE.

Available at KILIAN counter across the UAE.

TOTAL: 9/10

Hero #3. Xerjoff "Shunkoin"

Yes, second time, Xerjoff in this list. It is actually so diverse that it can beat all lists, charts, TOPs however some other brands deserve to be significant competitors. The ode of glory ends and here is what I feel when wear "Shunkoin":

Unremarkable gentle vanilla-like beginning definitely hides true power of the scent and awaits when its wearer allow the fragrance to grow. Originally "Shunkoin" is from Exclusive Xerjoff's "Club Collection" and was created for Meditation so the beauty of composition tiptoes peacefully and unnoticeably. Few minutes and you are already into the world of LOVE, uncompromising and universal.

It definitely has less Passion than others albeit who can compete with universal LOVE.

Available at Xerjoff boutique, Dubai Mall.

TOTAL: 8/10


According to 3 descriptive words TOM FORD has, this fragrance is Dark Sexy and Indulgent. So here it almost is…

Ground shaking beginning with lush floral Jasmine and Black Rose spits you into its darkness with overwelming sweetness of Black Truffle and warm Vanilla Beans while soft yet hot Spice accord, Saffron, Pepper rigorously indulge you into instinctive seduction of rich Amber, mysterious Oud and soft Sandalwoodharmony.

Can be legitimately labeled as Classic Floral Chypre fragrance. There are undoubtedly proclaimed "Darkness" and "Indulgence" in it however overwelming sweet accord and retro chypre-mossy notes shift fragrance from being #1 to #4 in this comparison.

Available at TOM FORD counters across the UAE.

TOTAL: 7/10

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