"Dubai Has a Niche". TOM FORD "Venetian Bergamot". Venice Dream and, surprisingl


Everything starts with a dream…

Venetian Bergamot like a dream, unnoticeably begins and capture you in its story where you are being ruled by the circumstances of imagination.

Sparkling uplifting superbly fresh beginning immediately involves you into opaque spell of creamy notes of magic Tonka beans, white Gardenia and exotic Yang-Yang accorded with burst of citrus. This creamy opaqueness irretrievably deeps you into the dream where rich unexpected florals and sensual spice fall you in love with current fantasy.

This chimera's harmony continues(but not ends) with intermingled sacred woods, Sandalwood and Pepperwood.

Longevity is supreme for fresh category and is approximately 8 hours.

Sum up:

Fresh but like never before,

Bergamot but utterly unexpected,

Floral but surprisingly unfloral,

Fragrance yet magnetizing dream,

Tom Ford as not unexpected, above horizons.

If I compare with existence fragrance so: 10% of TF Azzure Lime + 20% of TF Neroli Portofino + 70% of Jo Malone Wood Sage&Sea Salt + miraculous concoction = Venetian Bergamot.

P.S. Photo above represents key ingredients and evoking images when smelling the fragrance.