"Dubai Has a Niche". Villa515. "Perfume Wonderland".

This week we were witnessers of strange unusual yet cozy and warm but highly professional gathering "PERFUME WONDERLAND" of people who, in one or another way, have connection with Luxury Niche Fragrance market.

Welcoming hospitality of Mr. Dhaher, owner and creator of Niche Fragrance brand "TOLA", has gathered us at his lovely Niche spot, Villa515.

"WHO SAYS YOU CAN ONLY BE YOUNG ONCE" proclaimed our invitation card and really, event allowed us to be indulged in lovely, somewhere childish, atmosphere of retro theme park with colourful picturesque ads, entertaining clowns, live singer, endless quizzes and puzzles adhering to our personal limits and fears in order to face them and leave forever. Diverse, wise, profound with tint of professional fun and amusement. All these "wonders" were accompanied with myriad traditional food and beverages, true Arabic hospitality.

At the event we had an honour to meet Alessandro Gualtieri, legendary yet elusive, creative yet friendly, simple yet highly professional owner and creator of two niche fragrance brands NASOMATTO and ORTO PARISI.

Spontaneous creativity, welcoming hospitality, highly professional individuals. Moments to be never forgotten.

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