"Dubai Has a Niche". Villa515. Unconventional Niche Spot.

Villa 515, Jumeirah Road (http://villa515.com)

One of a kind Dubai's Niche Fragrances Spot located on Jumeirah Road in Villa that carries "Villa515" name.

Unforgettable personalized experience of Arabic hospitality with rare opportunity to try and taste exclusive peculiar Niche Fragrances (list is included). Homey environment, individual approach, excellent service which offers variety of traditional Arabic sweets, tea, coffee that you may warmly taste in well-decorated living room with classic wooden chairs and family dining table surrounded in an aromas of burning candles and romantic light of chandelier.

Villa515 offers to its honourable customers variety of 20 Niche Brands.

Department stores lovers are rare visitors here unless they have come for something much personal than "1001 greetings" from Sales Advisors or myriad mainstream scents descending on 'em.

Outside Villa515's yard

Bottles of Essential Oils

Aedes de Venustas - http://www.aedes.com/Fragrance_c_8.html

Nasomatto http://www.nasomatto.com/store/

Orto Parisi http://www.ortoparisi.com/shop/index.php

Mona Di Orio http://monadiorio.com/collections

Hereunder is the list of Niche Fragrance Brands represented in Villa515 with links to their official websites:

Aedes de Venustas - http://www.aedes.com/Fragrance_c_8.html

Ann Gerald http://www.anngerard.com/site_parfums.html

Antonio Alessandrio http://www.antonioalessandria.it/Hommageen.htm

Art Landi http://www.biehl-parfum.com/en/landi.php

Grossmith http://www.grossmithlondon.com

Hist Oires Parfumshttp://www.histoiresdeparfums.com/us/collection/library.php

Olivier Durbano http://www.olivierdurbano.com/estore-perfumes--1.html

Orto Parisi http://www.ortoparisi.com/shop/index.php

La Parfumerie Modernehttp://www.laparfumeriemoderne.com/#!perfumes/c1pw5

Magnetic Scent http://www.fragrantica.com/news/Magnetic-Scents-Interview-With-The-Perfumer-Spyros-Drosopoulos-3301.html

Maria Lux http://www.fragrantica.com/designers/MariaLux.html

Mona Di Orio http://monadiorio.com/collections

Naomi Goodsir http://www.naomigoodsirparfums.com/home.html

Nasomatto http://www.nasomatto.com/store/

Neela Vermeire - http://www.neelavermeire.com

Rundholz Parfums http://www.fragrantica.com/designers/Rundholz.html

TOLA http://www.tolaperfumery.com

Une Nuit A Bali http://www.unenuitabali.com/apcspa/en/

Vero Profumo http://www.veroprofumo.com/parfums

YOSH http://www.eaudeyosh.com

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