"Dubai Has a Niche". Xerjoff. "Casamorati". Deeply rooted Luxury Bath Collection

"Dubai Has a Niche" introduces new truly luxury bath collection from "CASAMORATI".

Being the part of one of collections of Xerjoff house, CASAMORATI now has become mature enough to come out as an independent Brand (yes, with capital letter).

La Fabbrica di Profumi C.Casamorati was specialised in many fine fragrances including “Profumeria Fina alla Violetta Ideale” – “Fine Perfumery with Ideal Violette” - and various sophisticated bath soaps.

Over the years CASAMORATI received numerous awards and precious rewards from major national and international exhibitions. The most precious and valuable, of course, from Her Majesty The Queen Margherita, who was so indulged with CASAMORATI bath products that being inspired took off her gold breast pin and has entrusted it to Claudio Casamorati as tribute to his noble luxury goods.

The spirit of CASAMORATI's nobleness and luxury of that yesteryears has been revived by Xerjoff and devotedly continues stun and maze hedonistic society.

"XERJOFF" means transcending the olfactory dimension and entering a much wider universe, where perceptions and sensations meet pure luxury."

And so does CASAMORATI. At this moment it consist of 10 luxury fragrances that tell individual story of Art, Love, History, Jealousy and Betraying, Luxury, Royalty and Scent. For the beginning, few were selected to be represented in Bath Line.

Your indulgent journey:

Starts with CASAMORATI Showe Gel and Body Lotion (inspired of and available with 8 fragrances, DAMA BIANCA, FIORE D'ULIVO, CASAMORATI 1888, BOUQUET IDEALE, GRAN BALLO, MEFISTO, LA TOSCA). Such skin nourishing ingredients and extracts of natural plants as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Red Grape, With Hazel softens smoothes skin and prepare for luxury scent treatment.

Continues with total body descending and "dissolving" (albeit spiritual sensational and perseptional ascending) into this luxurious "butter". CASAMORATI luxury Body Cream perfectly restores skin’s natural moisture and freshness. It provides an intensive treatment for the skin, promoting immediate lift and tightness.

Inspired of and available with 5 fragrances (LIRA, FIORE D’ULIVO, BOUQUET IDEALE, GRAN BALLO, LA TOSCA).

Finalising step is with CASAMORATI Hair Mist (shape completely restores CASAMORATI fragrance bottles style carrying embedded image of Roman wine god Bacchus and shown name of the house) to transform your hair into precious and glorious, silky smooth and brightly radiant natural accessory.

Inspired of and available with 6 fragrances (LIRA, DAMA BIANCA, FIORE D’ULIVO, BOUQUET IDEALE, GRAN BALLO, LA TOSCA).

CASAMORATI Bath Line is available at XERJOFF Boutique, Dubai Mall.