"Dubai Has a Niche". Xerjoff. "La Tosca" and Dubai Opera.

"Dubai Has a Niche" would like to correlate appearing XERJOFF's LA TOSCA in UAE market and opening of DUBAI OPERA (tickets are on sale 24th of April).

It isn't that far the day when we may enter DUBAI OPERA and witness the beauty of this art, OPERA. Something so long anticipated and had been a missing element in a puzzle of the city's glory.

It was not that far when XERJOFF had launched LA TOSCA, masterpiece of legendary CASAMORATI line that pays tribute to the ancient sacred Italian artisanal perfumery.

There is no coincidence in appearing both, DUBAI OPERA needs its fragrant spirit, LA TOSCA, in return, additionally to its unforgettable fragrant ambience and environment, needs true OPERA.

Just one look at the packaging already says about an art. The box is of an incredible quality materials, bright variegated mottle brindled colourful and truly luxury. The process of opening CASAMORATI line's box is a supreme excitement, equal to opening and discovering a new electronic gadget or watching the trailer of an anticipated movie. It, the packaging, deserves to be the subject of completists attention.

The fragrance, albeit it would be correct to say THE ART, as well as OPERA, starts with anticipation, when you enter the door of OPERA, sit yourself in a comfortable position and prepare to be ready for the emotional mental and, somewhere, spiritual magic. At the beginning the air is fresh and spacious, you deeply breathe and waiting, same LA TOSCA, begins with vast freshness of Lemon and Mandarine, to give you the space for being ready to get what is prepared for later.

The show begins, light is switched off, music started playing, the DIVA appeared on a stage, same LA TOSCA, starts playing and hence grabbing away your breathing and attention. The OPERA has started, gradually and unequivocally involving you into the plot, same LA TOSCA, has already started penetrating into your deepest feelings and memories, adjusting you to feel the music of fragrance art. Green foliage, that I detected after 10-20 mins but couldn't recognise what it was exactly, appears in the heart of the fragrance and perfectly surround notes of sensual Rose and elegant Violet leaf.

As the OPERA continues, the emotions grow, the vibes spark, the breathe revs up, same LA TOSCA, speeds up evolving the current chord into the fragrance magic, where the signature Green foliage meets oriental notes, daring Patchouli, mysterious Amber and creamy Vanilla beans. After 1 hour, being lost in attempts to define this "Green foliage", I took a look at the list of ingredients, the puzzle was assembled, the Eucalyptus. It is the main "culprit" of attractive mystery in Green foliage.

4 hours and LA TOSCA is still flourishing on my skin, getting more and more attractive and desirable.

Art, Elegance, Indulgence, and, of course, Luxury.

Available at XERJOFF Boutique in Dubai Mall.