"Dubai Has a Niche". XERJOFF…where Oud becomes Royal.

"Dubai Has a Niche" represents XERJOFF's outstanding OUD STARS Collection.

It is a winter time and warm smoky woody powerful rich deep fragrances are cozy necessity for experiencing full beauty of this season. XERJOFF offers us this experience in its renowned Authentically Luxurious Royal way.

OUD STARS consists of 6 unique precious fragrance compositions:

  • Zafar "The crown jewel of the collection, Zafar is an intense expression of Arabian perfumery. 3 years of sourcing materials went into this composition as nothing but the rarest and most exquisite ingredients were used to create Zafar. An unusual blend of Rose and black pepper begins the composition providing a tightrope of balance between floral and spice." Official introduction of ZAFAR on http://xerjoff.com . And that is where I'm willingly agree with each word mentioned about this fragrance. Authentic aesthetic exquisite and genuine Oud with passionate memorable Spice accord and tincture of gentle magnificent Rose.

  • Mamluk The art of Oud making. The first spray and you are imaginary cocooned in aura of the fragrance, you are like insect got trapped in amber resign, you are in a rich luxury powerful environment and everything what is happening around you seems like just well-rehearsed acting play. Honey is a main attractor in this composition followed by Caramel. Altogether with all this massive convoy (Oud, Honey, Caramel) we are surrounded by Bergamot, Osmanthus and Musc what simply, even more deeply, indulge us in a scented awe. MAMLUK, as a sun, shines and shines, lasts and lasts, unless it is a time for legitimate sunset and preparations for night dreams.

  • Gao "...masterful blend of saffron and Oud. Dueling notes of Spanish and Iranian saffron provide a floral and earthy introduction to this scent." http://xerjoff.com. Incredible quality of Oud and king of all spice, Saffron, make GAO unrepeatable masterpiece of the scent.

  • Al Khatt "warm heart note of Cashmeran lends a soft musky and woody core to the heart." http://xerjoff.com. Over powerful yet desirable blend where you can indulge yourself in a ruling power of primeval senses.

  • Fars "a meditative herbal French Lavender. Heart notes of Egyptian geranium, Jasmine absolute and dry Cedar bring forth a floral aspect which plays right into Fars's seductive charm." http://xerjoff.com. FARS, tantalising tranquility and elevated sensual transformation.

  • Zanzibar "Sweet and herbal notes play anchor to rich wood notes providing an initial tease to the mind". http://xerjoff.com. Musky tobacco with unprecedented quality of materials and especially of Oud.

XERJOFF's boutique locates in Dubai Mall and warmly welcome each passionate discoverer of unique alchemy of the scent.