"Dubaihasniche". Best summer scent, ever. Part 1.

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"Dubaihasniche" makes selection of Best Summer Scents for this season. If words " Best" and "Scent" are most clearly understood, "Summer Scent" may need some clarifications.

What is "Summer Scent"? and What is the scent of summer? and What defines it?

Of course, it is mostly nature. Summer flowers and plants like different Lilies, Plumeria, Peony, Geranium, Lavender, Daffodil define fresh light floral, pollen like, narcotic and aromatic with minty herbal undertones odours. Weather (Baking Sun rays), uplifts sensations and scent perceptions, we become more sensitive to scents and especially intense ones so as a result we need fresh scent (Zesty, Citrusy, Green, Herbal odours and so-called mouth-watering scents ) flows to feel more comfortable and have deep and calm breathing. Water, Sea and Beach, of course, excessively warm weather requires more water consumption as well as desire to cool off by swimming in the Sea or any other water storage. So it reminiscent for us of "juicy lush scents", slightly sandy, salty sea and sun cremes odours.

Based on above mentioned definitions and sensations I have selected 10 fragrances that have already become a World Fragrance Heritage and, on my opinion, are able to capture summer in its pure and natural form.

1. Xerjoff "Nio"

Timeless creating from Italian Luxury Fragrance House. Immediately captures you and your senses, feelings and attention with its splendid Mediterranean Citrus and Spice accord, involving you every moment in a summer whirl of warmth, freshness and openness. Different plants and woods from all over the world support lasting power of the fragrance and unleash all imaginary borders letting you accept universal freedom.

2. TOM FORD "Neroli Portofino"

Classic heritage of modern Niche Perfumery. Zesty sparkling Neroli and Orange Blossom intrigue and invigorate senses gradually leading you to a warm sun-kissed Amber through the fresh floral path. Reminiscent of Sparkling sea water and cool sea breezes of Italian Portofino, this fragrance is a true summer spirit revelation.

3. Armani Prive "Peony"

Fully connected to Classical gardens of Suzhou in China this fragrance carries beauty, awe and mystery of undiscovered nature in its summer form. Citrus-Berry like start dissolves into ardent radiating peony heart unstoppably going to gentle amber-musk end.

Summer as a beauty in a fragrance form.

4. Frederic Malle "Cologne Concentree"

Crispy unforgettable citrus and rich Bitter Orange embed into memory and trigger emotions. Cooling off with a time fragrance opens its door to green hay-like end with soft woods. Truly memorable splash of emotions, sensations and refreshment.

5. Amouage "Sunshine"

For me, this fragrance unequivocally connected to the sun. It is hard to remember now what was first, knowing the name before spraying or spraying after knowing the name of a fragrance, however I surely admit that for me playful, joyful, warm, childishly innocent sun is an Amouage Sunshine. Feel like all memories of warm bright sunshine is in Amouage bottle. Using critical look at a fragrance can only find high quality ingredients, excellent proportion, magic alchemistry and well-balanced accord.

6. Jo Malone "Wood Sage & Sea Salt"

I wouldn't say better now as I did it at the very first time I have tried this fragrance: "Jo Malone has succeeded to recreate true authentic Sea atmosphere. The very first spray takes you to the beach of some abundant, with myriad greens and florals, coast where a warm sparkling sea water splashes onto your face, covering you with its endless beauty. Few moments after you make your full of freedom deep breath and here your lungs are filling up with invigoratingly fresh coastal air, where after exhaling you are able to feel the scent of mineralized sea salt which caters all your nature and unwinds you from daily routine. Where are you now? Well..mentally, is somewhere on a heaven but, physically, still on earth."

7. Casamorati "Fiero"

Proud ( from italian - Fiero). And it really is. Proud of all arts of scentmaking. Ardent and passionate, glorious and seductive as true Italian gentlemen. Covers you with a burst of Mediterranean freshness, tart Lemon and compelling Spice. Further you go accompanied with seductive powdery musky, somewhere smoky, woods to support you with a style and confidence.

8. By Kilian "Flower of Immortlity"

As it was once already said: "Peaches, peaches, peaches and peaches…it is all about its gentle sensual luscious delectable fragile intoxicating bohemian side. It is so natural that you imaginary but mentally real dip into bath of Peaches. This "Bath" blossoms with undertones of passionate Red Rose and elusive ethereal vestige of Black Currant masterfully blended with powdery iris in foggy clouds of creamy Tonka Beans."

Impressive fruits, incredible natural, unexpected high longevity.

9. Diptyque "Oyedo"

"Oyedo" is where you are totally lavished with real citrus peel and juice in a cover of stunning herbs. Just an unexpected, yet desirable, fruity citrus boost is so overwhelming and powerful that it is barely impossible to do not start spining altogether with this miraculous fresh accord. First ever citrus fragrance with such enveloping strength. Once sprayed, the scent is fully devoted to its wearer and do not leave him/her for about a day.

10. Penhaligon's "Blenheim Bouquet"

Based on an ancient recipe that have been proven to be a classic for over as long as few centuries. Here it is, fragrance of Dukes and Duchesses. Magic blend of soapy refreshing zesty citrus and herbal notes.

Reminiscent not only of a summer but of Timeless classic prestigious perfumes.

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