Henry Jacques Boutique, The Dubai Mall

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It is surprising how endless Perfume Market is! Visiting almost every day Department Stores, Niche Concept Stores, Mass Market stores; sniffing around, reading Fragrantica articles, communicating with professionals, albeit even this doesn’t guarantee that you know everything.

Henry Jacques Perfume Oil

Exciting moment, I came across Henry Jacques and discovered something really new: Perfume Oils. For me, a perfume to be perfect, must be in Perfume Extrait concentration. It is the only way I feel full luxury of Perfumery and can experience true meaning of the scent.

I'm glad there are people who share the same understanding, and one of these people is Henry Cremona, founder of Henry Jacques.

My researches on Fragrantica and official website have allowed to investigate a bit about Jacque himself and the brand:

Henry Cremona

It was 1975 when Henry started making perfumes, following his passion and knowledge. Until the recent time, Henry had been creating Perfume compositions only for private clients and kept his art secret, however recently he decided to come out and introduced wide range of scents in his Boutiques.

Henry Jacques Boutique, The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall Boutique has an attractive power: design, colors, materials, something that is almost impossible not to look at. Discovering Henry's perfumes you totally immerse in the olfactive experience and live that moments of true passion and vivid emotions. I felt like I'm in a perfume lab, luxury and very cozy one. Gracious and artistic design compliments the experience and allows you to disconnect from daily routine and engage into the environment.

For all good, one time is never enough, so I'm planning to come back and continue experiencing stunning perfumes from Henry Jacque.

Henry Jacques Boutique location:The Dubai Mall, new Fashion Avenue extension, 2nd floor, near to Perfumery&Co.

Official web site: https://www.parfums-henry-jacques.com/en/