How-to: Creating perfume brand. Interview with Juan Carlos Rustarazo

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

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Creating fragrance is a journey full of excitements, obstacles, passion, love and challenges. Creating perfume brand is a road, which you take your journey on. Many will prefer roads that every one is using, few will choose rare and risky roads, the very few will make their own.

Juan Carlos Rustaraso is a person who can accompany you whichever road you take, giude you from your idea, through all obstacles and challenges, to victorious destination.

His company, DOME GLOBAL CREATIVE, provides "A-Z" services in creating artistic, strong, successful and recongnizable brand and includes Concept&Creation, Strategy, Research&Formulation, Development, Production, Sales Support, Regulations and Shipping and other services.

Dubaihasniche has had a lucky chance to talk with Juan Carlos during artistic Niche Perfumery exhibition "The Scent" that has been held in Dubai from 24.01.2018 to 25.01.2018 and ask for multiple professional advises that will certainly be of a help to Niche Perfumery Enthusiasts, Brand Owners, Perfume and Beauty experts, and to all who is interested in perfumery, art and beauty:

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Dubaihasniche: What has brought you to Perfumery?

Juan Carlos: It's a long family history ...... Very early, I discovered the brightness and power of crystal and glass. The work of this material quickly fascinated me when my father, master glassmaker, and my uncle, crystal cutter, introduced me to this magical universe.

Dubaihasniche: What is perfume for you?

Juan Carlos: The perfume represents in my eyes an identity, but also an element of language, it expresses a mood of the moment that will help others discover a part of his personality.

Dubaihasniche: How many and what levels of perfumes do you have in your personal classification?

Juan Carlos: I do not have a ranking I am always looking for a surprising and refined agreement but which can be as powerful and innovative as was in his time a perfume like Thierry Muggler.

Dubaihasniche: What is your description of niche?

Juan Carlos: It is a return to high perfumery, innovative and above all, quality.

Dubaihasniche: What does it take for the perfume to be successful?

Juan Carlos: We must first define what is the success ... I think it takes a lot of creativity, talent, professionalism and a good dose of luck but above all it is necessary above all a lot of passion. Because nothing is born, nor even life, without passion.

Dubaihasniche: Could you tell me about DOME GLOBAL CRATIVE?

Juan Carlos: I created this company in 1999 because I wanted to continue to express my philosophy according to my ideas and according to the criteria that I think are indispensable, to be the creativity at the center of the project but before all other things it is the passion and the intense moments that can be experienced during creation and development.

Dubaihasniche: What makes DOME GLOBAL CREAIVE special and stands out from others? Why people can choose and trust DOME GLOBAL CREATIVE in creating their Beauty project?

Juan Carlos: Passion, our personal experience, profesional approach, knowledge and market awareness. Our creativity, and our expertise in all areas necessary to create and manufacture. Our experience allows us to understand what one of our clients wants us to know how to translate an idea into perfume or design, then the professionalism and the experience of the teams allow us to carry out the projects. We live every project as a new adventure. We are above all passionate and experts who love to live intense moments but especially because we have real expertise. Just look at our work to realize what we are capable of doing.

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Dubaihasniche: What kind of Beauty projects DOME GLOBAL CREATIVE deals with?

Juan Carlos: We handle both projects for international groups but also for brands that need our know-how and expertise.

Dubaihasniche: What criteria do you use to choose business partners: perfume companies, design, bottles and packaging producers?

Juan Carlos: Expertise, know-how and professionalism, this is essential to be able to offer our customers an optimum service.

Dubaihasniche: You create concepts and perfumes for so many brands, how do you manage to maintain creativity and uniqueness of each project?

Juan Carlos: We treat each project separately. We consider that each project leads us to live a different adventure that is very existing. We create a team that will be the most suitable for the project. We create an atmosphere specific to the concept of the brand and the project. It's a total immersion on our part for each project.

Dubaihasniche: What are your requirements for a Perfume Company to be listed in a list of your partners?

Juan Carlos: Serious professionalism and especially expertise.

Dubaihasniche: How do you select perfumer for the project?

Juan Carlos: Depending on the nature of the project the sensitivity and feeling of the perfumer.

Dubaihasniche: How important is the idea for the Perfume Project?

Juan Carlos: First of all it is the concept that the most important part especially the materialization of this concept, because it will allow to explain and direct all the creative and to have a common thread all along the project it will also allow to check if we are in tune with the customer's desire and define a basis of work. This part is the most important because we materialize ideas often express in words and we transform these words into images it allows to define a common language. For example, if I say an apple, for you it will be red and sweet taste, for other people this same word will mean a green apple and slightly acidic while we speak the same word. When I present the concept we can then define what the word apple means exactly.

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Dubaihasniche: How different creating perfume from creating a brand?

Juan Carlos: Good question ... Creating a brand requires more time than a perfume, because it is necessary to think more in the long term and the image for a brand whereas the perfume will be more punctual, more in the era of the time the mark will be built over the time and perfumes it will develop.

Dubaihasniche: What do you suggest for enthusiast willing to create their own perfume brand? What important notes they have to keep in mind?

Juan Carlos: Being first and foremost passionate is a great adventure, surrounded by professionals and experts, they will anticipate problems and make the right decisions.

Dubaihasniche: What does management of existing brand should keep in mind when they decide to launch Perfume Line?

Juan Carlos: Its identity and adapt it to the evolution of the market.

Dubaihasniche: What are the steps for every perfume project?

Juan Carlos: The outline is analysis and marketing positioning of the future product, define the concept, the creation part, development and production.

Dubaihasniche: We see rapid growth of Perfume Market: many brands, perfumes come to the market every year. What do you think about it?

Juan Carlos: Today is a necessity for brands to regularly launch perfumes, it allows a brand to live, and it remains in the mind of the consumer, but the problem is that the consumer is very busy and has a certain perfume culture, so you have to be creative to stand out from the competition.

Dubaihasniche: What is the future of Niche Perfumery?

Juan Carlos: Very positive, we see a growth of this segment and we also see the major brands develop Niche products, because the consumer invests in these products because it finds quality products, different from the classic perfume market.

For more information you can visit Juan Carlos web site: DOME GLOBAL CREATIVE

Have a great olfactive time.