Let's imagine...Fragrance of the future.

"Perfume" movie poster

From the first day I started working in Perfume Industry people have been asking if I've even seen Perfumeur movie. Surely, I did, and according to my view there is nothing in common with the real perfumery. It is fiction, a story created to involve people in a drama, evoke emotions and trigger their imagination. But the only thing that I want to take from the movie to our real life is in idea of crating a "one-of-a-kind" perfume that will "force" everyone to fall in love with, so to say "universal perfume".

Perfume history shows that perfumers are able to create a fragrance that can be a legend for centuries (Acqua della Regina, Houbigant, Habanita, Shalimar, Shem-el-Nessim, Chanel #5) but, how really universal they are?

Would it be possible to create a fragrance that everyone will love? Of course, it is likely impossible, as we have different characters, mentality, visions and perceive the world each form our own dimension. Albeit there is something that unites us and henceforce can be a ground for "universal perfume".

How I can describe "universal perfume"? I immediately see a "chameleon perfume" that can change and adapt itself to the environment. Yes, almost each perfume behaves differently in people' skin, depending on skin color, birthplace, cultural peculiarities, character, etc. but it doesn't mean that perfume "adapts" to the wearer, it is more likely that a wearer change the perfume.

"Universal" Studio logo

When I write about "universal perfume" I mean that the perfume itself will adapt to a wearer, considering his/her individuality. Moreover I see it as a scent that can smell on each person different, depending on his/her mood, age, current emotions and intentions. The perfume can become self-expressing personality of its wearer.

How does that sound to you? Excited? Would like to try? Text me your thought about what a "universal perfume" can be like.