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Limited Gallery store, Al Seef Mall, Abu Dhabi

I’ve had an amazing opportunity to meet with Mr.Khaled Bin Yousif and Mr.Mohammed Almarzooqi, owners of Limited Gallery Concept Stores. It’s going to be already 5th store Mr.Khaled and Mr.Mohammed are opening soon. But journey to success (and one of the best Niche Perfumes selection in the GCC) didn’t happen overnight.

It started as early as from the very childhood when Khaled was visiting Asian countries with his farther for purchasing Oud oils and chips to be further supplied to many VIP customers in UAE. Farther was making negotiations with local producers while young Khaled was discovering new worlds and making friendship with children from around. Friendly Asians were giving to their new friend Khaled different gifts like small tolas with Oud, Oud chips and some self-made souvenirs. After returning back home Khaled was introducing his gifts to younger brothers and sisters and friends in neighborhoods. Some gifts he kept for himself, some he was able to sell. That was a moment when inherited passion to perfumes met with an opportunity to earn money. Since then the idea of opening his own store had started living inside Khaled.

It’s been already over 12 years as Limited Gallery is open for customers and offers constantly increasing solely Niche Perfume brands portfolio. “Limited” in the name of the store actually means exclusive and unlimited:) Without proper guidance through vast brands and perfumes portfolio anyone can be completely lost. It's impossible to sniff all perfumes available, even if you spend there weeks. Majority of the brands available are exclusive for Limited Gallery and can't be found anywhere else in UAE.

One more remarkable advantage of Limited Gallery is a variety of rare and unique Niche Perfume brands. Mr.Khaled and Mr.Mohammed constantly visit famous and remote places in a search for the most prominent and creative perfumes in the world. For a perfume brand to be added to Limited Gallery selection it should meet the following criteria: reflect creative vision and taste of Mr.Khaled and Mr.Mohammed, brand must have a story and history, scents must be unique and of an excellent quality, made by talented people.

Mr.Khaled and Mr.Mohammed decided to keep their stores away from busy malls with huge traffic jams, and open stores in a special communities where Royal Families members, VIP customers, and just perfume lovers can enjoy peaceful and hustle-free shopping.

Brands portfolio is really huge, I'd advise to visit one of the stores straight away as it is almost impossible not to find what you might look for.

Further you can find an image gallery of Limited Gallery store in Chique La Boutique store in Abu Dhabi and Al Seef Village Mall in Abu Dhabi near to Eastern Mangrooves.

Chique La Boutique

Al Seef Village Mall

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