Mane at BeautyWorld. A Journey to remember.

BeautyWorld Middle East exhibition in Dubai is over albeit those who have participated still carry contacts acquired, memories remained, experience lived.

On a third day of the exhibition I've got a time for myself and walked around Perfume Manufacturing companies to see what innovations, ingredients and experiences they brought with them for the event.

Nothing attracted me so much as futuristic (even though their experience was about the past) labyrinth from Mane (

Hundreds of cubes were arranged to build a castle where childhood memories of selective Perfumers were captured.

First moves, and I was already excited to discover what was next and where I was going to. My fantasy was in a playful and elevated mode so I've got multiple options of what it all could have been. Each step was bringing me to the culmination of revelation, olfactive experience...

Mane was founded in 1871 by Victor Mane who started producing fragrant materials from regional flowers and plants. Since then company was in hands of family members, carefully preserving traditions and heritage. Every decade there were expansions, openings of new labs and researches, new ventured and departments, until we can see Mane as one the best leading perfume manufacturing company in the world.

Being one of the best is a challenge, being the best is an ultimate philosophy combined with meticulous approach and complete dedication.

I'm in the room: mirrors reflect and multiply environment, cubes fascinate, atmosphere thrills, perfumes enchant. I see displayed 12 cubes with perfume bottles and blotter cards in front of them, each is a childhood story of one of Mane's perfumer from around the world.

Not exactly a wish to know a childhood of each perfumer attracted me, yet the desire to discover how differently people interpret their memories in perfumery. My fantasy immediately started projecting images, feelings, scents, thoughts of my past, contemplating on how my childhood memory would smell like. I didn't have a time to indulge myself into contemplations as there were other guests waiting for me to finish and receive their doze of excitement and experience. My true guide in the childhood past experience was Gabriel Lalande, Mane's Perfume Director in Africa. He dipped a blotter in the first jar, a scent of childhood memories of Violaine Collas "Dance Show". Her creation was reminiscent of her first dance show at the age of 6. She put excitement, fear, pride, passion in there with a touch of a public eye. We were smelling this scent for a couple of minutes, it was subtle, soft, full of unconfident emotions and depressive mood. Weird and strange atmosphere was in that scent, albeit the way these emotions and memories were transmitted through perfume language is the thing that stunned me. I'm utterly elevated when smelling the scent without knowing its story and inspiration, I can precisely tell what it was about.

I love when the scent is self-spoken and doesn't require further explanation.

We moved to the scent #2, "Back to the roots" by perfumer Mathieu Nardin. This is what excitement, bright emotions, happiness, youthful sparks smell like! Fascination, smile, joy appeared on my face. Apparently, Mathieu spent his childhood in Grasse, modern capital of perfumery and true heritage of our time, where he loved walking among mimosa trees and jasmine fields. Memories worth having.

Our journey continued and we discovered what "Bee Happy" from Mathilde Bijaoui, "Home" by Cecile Matton, "Immortal" by Julie Masse, "Ink" by Ralf Schweiger, "Blackbush Manor" by Patricia Choux and other memories smell like.

Each memory was telling a story, I lived that feelings of theirs, being intrigued, enchanted and surprised by a unique power of the scent, its diversity and richness.

Something, I still carry with me in my memory was "Deep Waters" by perfumer and an owner of perfume brand Art Landi (which I knew very well yet never had a chance to meet with its owner) Arturetto Landi. I was fortunate to meet Arturetto in person at the exhibition and have a conversation about perfume market and industry in general.

His childhood scent "Deep Waters" was the scent of vivacious, empowering and magnificent Mediterranean Sea, Italian Riviera. I instantly felt that richness of reviving and fresh breezes, blooming and narcotic flowers, salty sea water. The scent was already a complete Fragrance, so deep, meaningful and polished. Wish it would become a final product one day, so I could wear it on a daily basis.

My olfactive journey was coming to an end albeit my memories were just started living. I couldn't help thinking how multifaceted the scent is, how many forms it takes and where else it can bring me.

Sincere thank you to all Mane team for this truly unforgettable experience and perfume journey which I wish, people will know and remember. Hope my article will help to bring better awareness of this olfactive experience and, maybe, inspire for new ideas and journeys.

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