New Dior Privee. Big extension

Photo and painting by @dubaihasniche

Big History, Big Brand, Big decisions, and certainly Big move to launch 10 Fragrances at once. Am I excited, decidedly, 10 times as much.

Photo by @dubaihasniche

The new fragrances were launched in Dubai Mall near to Bloomingdale's, where Dior has one of its world-best fragrance counter. It was for almost two weeks and now you can find these 10 at Dior Fragrance Boutique in City Walk.

Photo by @dubaihasniche

A bit about perfumes. 10 new ones are:

Santal Noir

Balade Sauvage

The Cachemire

Jasmin Des Anges

Belle De Jour

Rose Gipsy

Purple Oud


Souffle De Soie


PURPLE OUD, Photo by @dubaihasniche

Let me tell few words about my favorites. Purple Oud attracts by its magic of well balanced and powerful woods. It has strong and distinctive character, elegance and refreshing beginning. Due to great balance of ingredients the fragrance appeals to individuals who is sensitive and cautious about Oud. Soft, clean, refined woods will only highlight your personality, but not overwhelm. It reminds me a bit of Tom Ford Oud Wood, but with way different character.

Rose Gipsy I love mostly due to "Gipsy" word, it attracts and magnetize everything where it is written. For me, everything that is "Gipsy" is favorite by default. Notwithstanding my initial prejudice, I put aside my attachments and evaluated a structure, composition and character of the scent. Well, my prejudice was almost right, it is certainly captivating scent, albeit it did not perfectly go in accordance with my imagination of "Gipsy" power. Dior classified it as "Light Floral" scent, but I'd neglect (both man and woman can wear it) it and suggest to wear the fragrance to all who loves magnetizing perfumes with fresh elegant rose.

Balade Sauvage got me with its pure Fig that in combination with other ingredients evoked in me melodious mood and reminded a sound of well adjusted violin.

Souffle De Soie. For me it is a colorful and elegantly bright fragrance. Soft woods, warm amber, gentle sweetness.

Dior has been faithful to its traditions for decades, and today is no exception, luxury elegance that is mantled in deceptive yet desired and pleasant simplicity. Well refined and balanced compositions. Niche World has been enriched with worthy scents.

Photo by @dubaihasniche

You can find new Dior Fragrance at Dior Boutique in City Walk, Dubai.

Have a great olfactive time.