Olfactive and Multimedia Experiences

Art of Perfumery

Talking about Perfumes, I always like to start with an Art of Perfumery, especially when I connect perfumes to Olfactive Experience, as there is no experience without Art.

For me, and I believe for majority of perfume professionals, Art of Perfumery is equal to other Arts like Painting and Music, where from multiple components (oil colors, music notes) artists create unseen, unknown, unheard pieces that amaze and evoke beauty.

What if no more new perfumes?

Perfume market is rocketing and unstoppably growing. Idea of having several perfumes for different occasions inspired people to buy more and constantly look for new scents. Market has produced already sooo many scents that even if we stop developing new scents and continue producing existing ones, we can satisfy tastes of all people on Earth. Technically, there is no need for new scents and perfumes.

Albeit, people are in constant search of themselves and hence, new experience.

Experience, this is what we shall aim to create, produce and offer/sell to people. Then, what shall we call Perfume Experience or, Olfactive Experience? First of all, Value. Concept, Design, Quality of the scents and packaging, Storytelling, and, of course, Multi-sensorial Experience. The scent is pretty complex to leave consumers tackling with the choice themselves, as the first impression is the key to perfume perception, and hence purchasing choice.

Perfume Perception

I've met people who had tried scents of different raw materials like Lavender, Bergamot, Rose, Orange in non-perfume products first: air fresheners, ambient scents, etc. They all connected raw materials with those products and when you show them Niche Perfume with highlighted Lavender or Bergamot side they say it smell like air freshener in a plane or washroom (place they tried it first), and it is quite challenging to change their perception. So, most likely, they won't buy that Niche Perfume as their perception of that Niche Perfume would be already set. Certainly, we can't prevent people from doing so, but being able to properly introduce, explain and deliver the scent idea is very crucial. It is a task for professionals, make people understand and educate.


Coming back to Experience. Even we already have numerous assortment of different scents on the market, we have lack of experience. People must connect perfume to themselves, to their personality, hobby, lifestyle and life views. We all know that majority of perfumes being launched on the market are modifications of already existing perfumes. It is just about time, moment, place and environment where person experiences them and hence make their choice. Most likely that having in front of us two identical scents, we will choose that one which brand's concept and storytelling corresponds to our values, likes and preferences, even if price-wise another perfume will be cheaper and way more beneficial to purchase.

For example, I do Yoga and if I find a perfume that is inspired by Yoga or one of its experiences, I'll go for it, even if I already have a perfume that has the same smell. I'll believe that it is about what is in inside me, and only me.

This is where I came to know more about Olfactive Experience which grew into Multimedia Experience as well.

Olfactive Experience

Olfactive Experience - event or occurrence that allows you to discover new dimensions and understand complexity of the scent via multi-sensorial interpretation (sight/visual, taste, hearing, touch).

In the recent years, I've experimented with Taste, Sight, Hearing and Emotions to interpret the scent and make people see its diversity from different perspectives.

Olfactive Cocktails:

Painting and the Scent:

Visual Interpretation:

All were the ways to show the scent through different senses that might help people to understand the scent and even make a choice of getting perfumes based on their remote sensorial experience. Delivering sensorial experience in this way will help e-commerce in the future, when most of perfumes will be chosen and purchased online.

New possibilities of Multimedia

I constantly look for new things, experiences and opportunities. I feel like there is a clock that started ticking long time ago and unstoppably move me toward new discoveries. Also, I can't help thinking about new ways to talk about perfumes and the scent. Recently, I started working more closely on Multimedia Experiences: 3D Mapping, Visual Projections, Holograms, Interactive Displays, Laser Shows, etc. I found new opportunities to tell a story of the scent and new chapter for perfume brands to communicate their brand message about concept, philosophy and inspirations.

As my Blog is popular among both, consumers and perfume professionals, I'll take a chance to highlight corporate opportunities of utilizing Multimedia technologies for Olfactive Experience:

3D Mapping Projection

Big and medium scale events with projections on any volumetric objects like perfume props bottles, buildings, bridges, monuments, mountains, cars, etc. Excellent way to transmit storytelling and amaze audience.

Industrial Robots Performance

Any programmatic movement with voice and actions. E.g. Robot will spray Perfume on you.


Transforming scent into 3D visualization and stunning performance.

I wanted to tell you that Experience is the future, and acceleration of Perfume Experience will be way higher than the scent development.

You can visit my website for more information about Olfactive and Multimedia services and projects: www.ivanperfumerie.com

Pleas leave your opinion and thoughts about Perfume Experience.