Olfactive Experience

What do we define as "Olfactive Experience"? Olfactive - (comparative more olfactive, superlative most olfactive) Of or pertaining to the sense of smell; olfactory. Experience - an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

In other words I can say that:

Olfactive Experience - some kind of event or occurrence that involves the scent of smell that allows you to discover its new dimensions and understand complexity.

It is a result of sensorial interaction with an environment where scent is represented in multi-dimentional way. It means we try to interpret the scent through another senses like Sight, Touch, Taste, Hearing, and event intuition.

I've been able to observe the following Olfactive Experiences:

1. Involving Sight.

- Concept Design, Visual Merchandize. Even it is not directly connected to sense of smell, it is created to connect and evoke olfactive emotions. Niche Concept Stores, Department Stores, Stand-alone Boutiques use various visual attractions to get consumers' attention.

- Art. Painting. Many Perfume Brands are expressing their compositions through Paintings. By the way, did you know that each Perfume Ingredient has a color? Most often the scent is so complex that one perfume ingredient like Lavender Oil can be shown the following combination of colors: green, silver, purple, orange, violet, turquoise!

- Photography. Photos have an incredible power to describe the scent, especially when a full story is in them.

3. Involving Touch

- Packaging and bottle design. One of the most frequent technique to tell a story, connect consumer to the scent, and evoke emotions.

2. Involving Smell.

- Perfume booth. Helps to perceive Top-Mid-Base notes of any perfume and understand the "behavior" of the scent.

Frederic Malle Perfume Booth

- "Blind smelling". It is an exciting technique when you can experience the scent without knowing what is a brand or name of a perfume, because brand identity enforce certain perception and sometimes distract from understanding a scent.

- Ceramic blotters. Well, it is not a new technique, been already used for a while by different brands, albeit it is still excellent way to avoid sniffing from Paper Blotter which can contain a scent of paper, print, etc. that distract from proper understanding.

Dior Perfume Store, City Walk, Dubai

- Interactive booth. Pretty innovative experience: specially designed booth has a small screen which plays Perfume Ad, you tap a special card and a scent comes out, you immerse in the atmosphere.

Tom Ford Interactive Olfactive Booth

2. Involving Taste

- Olfactive dinner. Truly artistic experiences of interpreting the scent by culinary art.

Olfactive Dinner, during The Scent Exhibition

- Olfactive drink. Event more intriguing way to express the scent by selecting soft drinks, spirits and other ingredients to achieve exact same taste and smell of the original perfume. The way it is decorated adds wider excitement and deeps you into the very nature of the Perfume.

Olfactive Cocktail by At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

4. Involving Hearing. It is quite often that some brands try to connect their Perfumes with existing music compositions, and even in some cases creating their own music that interpret the Perfume compositions.

6. Alternative innovative experiences.

- VR. We live in a rapidly changing world and IT technologies penetrated all spheres of our life. Perfumery is not an exception. New Olfactive VR Experience can allow you see the scent via beautifully developed video, immerse into the environment, listen to music and enjoy the scent. Truly unforgettable experience.

- "Air-scent". I've never heard of this experience albeit believe that it can be a future of Perfumery and Olfactive Experience in particular. It is not a surprise that you can already buy the air, yes, indeed. It is captured in different places like mountains, lakes, and parks where air is fresh, clean, has some special properties, and being sold (mostly to Chinese customers by far). Most often perfumes are inspired by some locations: cities, parks, special places, so consumers can be offered a Canned Air form that places and experience that environment. If you love Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi, you can get a Canned Air that has the air from Amalfi coast.

Canned Air

For decades people are investigating the scent and sense of smell, and each time there is something that surprises us, unveil new dimensions and intricate structure of the scent. 50 years ago we were able to find 50 chemical components in a Rose Oil, nowadays we are able to identify over 500! And something tells me that it is not yet over.

Olfactive Experience is a tool that helps us to understand and comprehend the scent, experience it from different dimensions, connect with another senses making our living experience more colorful and emotionally vivid.

I'd appreciate if you share with me your opinion and Olfactive Experiences you have encountered with.