Olfactive Vision, niche perfumery design studio

We are different, and our niche creations are.

Ivan Perfumerie, niche perfume expert who has been for years in perfume market and worked with branding, marketing, distribution, creative directions; and DOME Global Creative, French company that specializes in tailor made beauty for over 25 years, have launched Niche Perfumery Design Studio, Olfactive Vision.

Olfactive Vision. What is that then?

Olfactive Vision is a creative studio that designs niche perfumes in collaboration with perfumers from all over the world. With decades of our experience in perfumery, we have established close relationship with many perfumers: that work in top of the world companies, and the ones that opened their own labs in remote areas in France, Spain and other places, focusing on creativity, quality of niche perfumery.

All our Creations are with high concentration of naturals and are made with understanding both, European and Middle Eastern markets. It means we consider factors like Longevity, Innovation, Character, Instant Appeal, Quality that pay crucial role in becoming Best-Sellers in both regions.

It is common practice for a client to ask for a replicas or modification of famous perfume on the market. When client asks us about it, we reply that we don’t have!

We work on creations!

We stand for and care about Niche Perfumery!

We are different and our perfume creations are!

But for our clients, to easily find what they are looking for, we have made classification of scents by many different categories.

We have created different categories to classify our creations, in total we’ve got more than 15 categories:

Among Middle East popular:

Picture by https://bespokeunit.com/fragrance/families/


Light Oud

Powdery Oriental

Floral Oriental

Woody Aromatic

Floral Fruity Oriental

Woody Cedar

Dry Woody

Fresh Floral Musk

And many others.

For more information, please contact:

Dubai Office:

Ivan Perfumerie

Call: +97152 9081203

Email: me@ivanperfumerie.com

Website visit: www.ivanperfumerie.com

France Office:

Juan Carlos Rustarazo

Call: +33 6 0809 4552

Email: juancarlos@global-creative.com

Website visit: www.global-creative.com