Perfume Bay. Interview with the person behind.

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Middle East and Africa (MEA) Beauty Market is already over $25 billion and is growing around 5% every year. Dozens of new fragrance brands, perfume collections, hundreds of new perfumes come out annually.

Niche Perfume Retail Market is growing accordingly. Every year we have around 5 new Niche Perfume Retail Stores opened. Competition is growing, retailers are using all skillful means to attract consumers. For many people perfume choice becomes more complicated. New approaches in selling Niche Perfumes must be used to keep the audience interested and devoted.

Department Stores are facing hight competition from small customer-oriented Perfume Concept Stores that offer exclusive selection of rare niche perfumery, relaxing and hassle-free environment, personalized approach and special customer service ceremonies. Here you can get personal consultation from the owner of a store himself, or even from Master Perfumer and Brand Owner, as such practices became standard in these Concept Stores (you can find full list by following a link: ), something you so rarely can find in Department Stores.

Photo by @dubaihsniche

Mr.Saleh Al Hammadi, person behind Niche Perfume Concept "Perfume Bay". HIs 20 years+ fragrance journey brought him vision, understanding, and intuitive evaluation of Perfume Market and Perfumery as an industry.

Numerous meetings with Brand Owners, Master Perfumers has given to Mr.Saleh intuitive vision and great evaluation skills of Perfumery.

Dubaihasniche has got a chance to talk to Mr.Saleh about his passion and business at the same time, and to pull out some of his long-standing secrets:

Dubaihasniche: What is your childhood connection to perfumery?

Mr.Saleh: The place where I was born, cultural values and traditions have risen in me very intimate connection to perfumes. I did not understand a power of a scent at that time but I felt a strong attraction to different smells.

Dubaihasniche: What was your first favorite perfume?

Mr.Saleh: My first favorite perfume is Quelques Fleurs l`Original by Houbigant which was launched in 1913 and I like to blend it with natural Oud oil. The scent I'll never forget.

Dubaihasniche: How did you come up with an idea to open Niche Perfume Store?

Mr.Saleh: As I was growing up, many perfumes started appearing in my personal collection. At the beginning there were few, then dozens, then hundreds, until I couldn't count how many hundreds of perfumes I had. By the time I was adding hundredth bottle, my friends starting asking me for a fragrance consultations, as they trust my advise. My ability to understand a character of the fragrance has grown. Then I came up with the idea to have a separate store where I could have all perfumes I like and can advise people what fragrance they might wear for one or another occasion.

Photo by @dubaihsniche

Dubaihasniche: Why do you think people trust your taste?

Mr.Saleh: Perfumes have been embedded in my culture and I have personal passion for them. I develop sense of understanding a scent, analyze hundreds of perfumes every day, every time think what people will say about this perfume. I think about customers first when I choose perfumes for my store.

Dubaihasniche: What makes "Perfume Bay" successful?

Mr.Saleh: Customer-oriented approach, great perfume selection, friendly environment, attention to details in customer service, understanding people taste and preferences, being honest and friendly relationship with my clients make us successful.

Dubaihasniche: How do you deal with growing market competition?

Mr.Saleh: I do many market researches, constantly meet with Master Perfumes, Perfume Brand owners, have great interaction with all our customers. I develop new approaches in finding best fragrance for customers, seek for any opportunity to improve customer service. People trust "Perfume Bay".

Dubaihasniche: What criteria do you personally use selecting new Fragrance Brand in your store?

Mr.Saleh: As I mentioned earlier, I think of my customers first. If I'm sure they will like it, I select this brand or perfume. When I evaluate any brand or perfume I look at the brand history first: where it comes from, who is the person behind, how long this brand has been on the market. After I evaluate the scent of each perfume, it tells a lot about the brand. Then I pay attention to design, bottles, packaging, and a price.

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Dubaihasniche: How difficult is it to satisfy and know customers tastes?

Mr.Saleh: I trust myself and my taste. For any perfume, before appearing on the shelves in my store, it has to pass through many steps and evaluations. Once it was selected I'm confident our customers will like it. We also listen to the customers feedbacks: what fragrances they want to wear, what fragrances they would like to have for the next time, what Perfume Ingredient they like the most, what occasion they need it for, etc.

Dubaihasniche: What are your top 3 favorite Perfume Brands?

Mr.Saleh: I have a lot of favorite fragrances from different brands, but if we talk about general evaluation and opinion, I'd confidently choose those that I'm personally attached to: Boadicea The Victorious, Creed and Guerlain.

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Dubaihasniche: Do you have your favorite perfumer?

Mr.Saleh: Yes, Francis Kurkdjian

Dubaihasniche: What do you think is the future of Niche Perfumery?

Mr.Saleh: I can see continuous growth of Brands and perfumes in the marketing. Many new brands will be entering the market. New stores will be opening. Difference design and packaging, approaches in selling and developed customer service, but I don't expect too many different perfumes, as many of them will be similar to each other.

Photo by @dubaihsniche

Dubaihsniche is grateful to Mr.Saleh for finding a time in his busy schedule to talk about perfumery, his passion that has grown in the successful business.

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