Spiritual Scent Selection

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Once I asked myself, can a luxury product be spiritual? Whatever books you read about self-development, spiritual development, even deep Eastern philosophical and practical books, all of them say that to be spiritual you need to be simple, as it is the very nature of all things. Then what about luxury products? Are they subject of decadence, strong emotional connection, statement of your taste, indication of your social status, quotidian attributes?

I believe it doesn't matter, the most important that you don't have strong attachment and craving for the goods, no matter what is their cost. Albeit there is a bond between a price of the product and a level of its desirability, and it creates attachment. You must have a power to posses a thing, otherwise it will posses you.

But I'm about happiness, pleasant moments and inspiration. There is even no question that fragrances have their character and it, character, affects our perception, emotions, feelings, thoughts, mood and even spirituality. Indulgent scents invokes in you desire and want, sparkling and zesty scents make you feel invigorated and energized, sweet scents give you comfort and coziness.

So what Spiritual scent can give you? And what is Spiritual Scent?

Spiritual Scent is simply a scent that elevates or supports your spirituality.

It should posses certain properties:

- Contain certain ingredients (raw materials). Mostly that ones that have been used for millenniums in ancient Temples and Shrines (sandalwood, balsams, flowers, etc,)

- Have hight quality of raw materials

- Composed in a way that does not indulge you, emotionally. You feel neutral and tranquil.

- Carry strong and influential character that will keep you balanced and complete without arising desire.

Important to note that Spiritual Scent doesn't belong to any religion and cannot be divided by beliefs.

I've selected 6 Fragrances that fulfill all above mentioned criteria for me. Believe you will get what Spiritual Scent is made for.

1. Molinard Habanita

My #1 selection. Most of you will have dubious thoughts why Habanita is a Spiritual Fragrance, yet it is my spiritual refuge that helps me to keep connection between myself and outer connections. It doesn't arise confidence however it supports me to use my inner power. One of, if not the only one, the most complex fragrance in history of Perfumery (keeping in mind that that time no cutting-edge software existed). True piece of art and a symbol of what Mankind can do when his/her power and attention are righteously directed.

2. Xerjoff Zefiro

Italy, Rome, Vatican. Myriad of Churches and Temples. Burning incense and labdanum, ancient woods and buildings. Thousand years of history. Mystery, secrets and sacred believes. Zefiro by Xerjoff, your unequivocal Spiritual Fragrance. Spray it and you will see what I'm talking about.

3. Ramon Bejar Sanctum Perfume

The day I met Ramon Bejar has changed a lot in my life ( mostly about perfumery, albeit anyway). The stories and inspiration of his fragrances have shaken my entire perception of Perfumery and freedom of creativity. I couldn't believe Perfumery and Spirituality can be connected. I couldn't imagine it works. Then I tried Sanctum Perfume, and it began.

Get a spray of Sanctum at your nearest Perfume Store and watch for yourself.

4. Armani Prive Encens Satin

It is a perfect example of how Marketing and Luxury can be juxtaposed with Spirituality. Paradigm for modern luxury fashion industry. It certainly doesn't belong to any religion, as you will see a whirl of scents of Christian Churches, Muslim Mosques, Jewish Synagogues, Buddhist and Hindu Temples (please forgive me if I didn't mention another).

5. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Yet another great example of how luxury can be united with Spirituality. You may find it quite controversial, as Tom Ford himself is a sex and indulging propaganda, albeit with Oud Wood things are different.

6. Affinessence Cuir Curcuma

My recent discovery. Refined and clear scent turns into balanced melody on your skin. Purity and Ingredients selection remind you of your spiritual nature. Simple character of the fragrance allows you to feel beauty in ordinary things.

Most of these Perfumes you can find in Dubai, except for

Molinard Habanita (only online purchases)

Xerjoff Zerfiro (only online purchases)

Ramon Bejar (in Plethora stores across UAE)

Affinessence (in Jovoy at City Walk, Dubai)

Shall you need any more advices where to get these or another Fragrances, please don't hesitate to ask.

Have a great olfactive time and enjoy your Spiritual Fragrance.

Would be amazing what is your Spiritual Scent.

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