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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Noble Royale Perfume Brand

I'm so grateful for having an opportunity to be in Perfume industry, meeting perfume brand owners, perfumers, and just great people.

It was already quite a time as I met Olya Yurchenko. I every time wonder how she manage to be so fragile and gentle inside, and so powerful and passionate outside.

We have recently met to experience scents of her first Perfume Brand, Noble Royale. It was a great time discovering new perfumes and lovely stories.

I asked Olya to give me answers on the most interesting for me questions and would like to kindly open her answers for you, so you can have a look inside her story, inspiration and motivation to create a Perfume Brand.

1.    Olya, I've been watching your tremendous career path for years, but have never had a chance to ask what has brought you to Perfumery?

- "I would say that Perfume was always a part of my life. Since childhood I got used to spend weekends and holidays with my grandmother who engraved a love to beauty of nature and simple things around. I was able to feel the scent of Autumn, with golden-burning leaves; scent of garden, clean from the walnuts; scent of dried plum after the burned cherry firewood (otherwise the plums could get a bad smell while drying on the embers); scent of melted water in winter, and, of course, the first spring blooming cherry scent mixed with the young grass. I still vividly remember the scent of Jasmin tree near to my grandma’s house and the smell of a riot of flowers and evening forest, mushrooms and berries in the wild forest, smell of rare and old books in a family library. It always was and is the most important part of my life. Every time I find myself in a new city, first what I do is to open a window in my car driving around and try to remember the smell of environment. All cities have a different smell.

And might be it is a part of each person’s life but I was and still in love with the story of smell in my life.

When I graduated from University I was involved in Branding, Distribution and Marketing, and only after I decide to do my own business, it was the beginning of my scent journey which has become a part of my life, the business of my life."

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2.    I know that you have been involved in numerous perfume-related projects and partnerships in the last couple of years, could you please tell me what are they?

- "I don’t think I can announce the brands names and companies but one I know for sure is that that it was an unbelievable experience and opening the doors for me as a Perfumer (at this stage I’m able to be a perfumer)."

3.    Perfume is a very personal experience, what is Perfume for you?

- "Perfume is a fairy tale of my life, an expression of my mood, my feelings, my love, my work, my vision, my character."

4.    I can't avoid question about your best-ever perfume (brand and name), what it is?

- "For me the best-ever perfume is not the one I like to wear...but the one which smell brings me somewhere, and when I close my eyes, I feel myself in another part of the world. I feel myself a part of that journey, it’s not just the right fragrance with a great marketing and huge advertisement expenses. Recently, I was reading about creations of Jean-Claude Ellena from his Un Jardin Collection for Hermes. It brought me exactly the places Jean-Claude and Hermes team were visiting to find inspirations for the perfume. For me, fragrance is everything, not the brand name."

Noble Royale

5.    Could you please imagine your perfect-ever scent, what would it be alike?

- "My perfect–ever scent should be able to have a change from the first top notes till the very last base ones. There definitely will be a bouquet of Peonies, White Flowers, Jasmine, some very intelligent Vanilla, Haiti Vetiver, Green Grass, Cinnamon, and something very masculine at the end."

6.    Would you say that to be a woman in perfumery is different to be a man?

- "I would say it is. But, of course, it depends on a person's character and vision. On one side, Perfumery is a kind of a huge garden with different flavors, stories, flowers, creatures, and on that garden I think woman is more familiar of how to care and find the right bouquet. On the other, Perfumery is a multibillion business where only the strongest can survive and keep moving, Man’s power is very important here. If we talk about my best and lovely perfume compositions, almost all of them where created by a male perfumer."

7.    Is there any other professional fields that attract you?

- "I like everything that is connected to the fashion and history, Classic fashion, not the luxury chase of the XXII century. I keep reading and learning these stories of success and failure. These people' luck or hard work. It is about keeping the feeling of being student in life, when no matter how old are you, you go on to learn something new, getting new knowledge, experience. Personally, I’m working now on some chemical lessons, as it’s a big gap in my professional skills."

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8.    Now I'm truly excited to know what is an inspiration of your Perfume Brand, Noble Royale? 

- "The Noble Royale inspiration is something very important from my childhood. We had a big books library at home and my father forced me to read at least 3 books per week, later on, when I grew up, I was in love with those books myself, and mostly all of them where historical and biographical. I was reading a lot about the Romanov’s family. Letters, memories, historical events and how each of them where changing the History. I adored how the very famous royal women where able to be the queens in all areas of life, no matter what it was about, their sense of honor, love, dedication. It’s no longer available in this world.

Noble Royale perfume collection was created as a tribute to the royal houses and traditions of the past. Each fragrance expresses the character of the most charismatic representatives of royal families, from different eras and different countries with different principles and tastes. We created not only aromatic portraits of that people, but also an aromatic picture of that time and the life that our heroes had led. Truly royal luxury royal parks and greenhouses, baths and boudoir, clothes and jewelry, porcelain and fabrics. Exquisitely dressed leather, the softest suede and gorgeous furs. Transparent batiste, sparkling satin, leather slipping on silk and caressing velvet. Fragrant tobacco, fine wines, delicate chocolate and fantastic desserts. Everything made for royal families was distinguished by the highest quality, refinement, nobility, brought pleasure and satisfied the subtlest taste. And now we want to give our contemporaries this feelings of luxury and refinement; our fragrances will make you feel like a special royal blood, for which the most precious and beautiful is intended."

9.    What did it take to create a brand? What was the most challenging part and what was the most easiest?

- "It took amazing two years of my life. The most challenging part was our common work with perfumer Phillip Paparella, it was a lesson of fragrance behavior in different countries, because by the moment I made the last choice and I’ve tried creations outside Dubai, in other countries, and fragrances totally changed and smelled not same as in UAE. We kept working and working on over more than 30 variations of creations. We have discussed each small valuable part of the individual character, how they call him in the social circles, the way of wearing clothing, the color of the skin, the dedication to the native country and people. There were nothing easy, at all.

The choice of bottle was made from around 20 options, we were getting famous designers advices, we did our own mold for the bottle and cap, which was almost impossible to produce."

10.  If it is possible, could you tell me what is your favorite perfume from Noble Royale?

- "They are all my kids and I choose them all. I worked on each composition, reducing and increasing some accords, so I’m in love with all of them. Moreover, if you mix them all together, I think it is my best and lovely blend. I like to put all blotters together and after the presentation, next day, I’m enjoying listening the mixed notes of all 5 Noble Royales. Here, in Dubai I wear L’Imperatrice Gardenia and it sounds great!"

Noble Royale L'impératrice Gardenia

11.  Let's say we need to find a perfect scent for the following occasions, what would you recommend:

·      Successful business meeting

·      Elegant fine dining-out 

·      Partying with friends

·      Moments of tranquility 

- "Business meeting – Tobacco Dynasty

Dining out – Fleur De Marbre

Party – Cuir Magnifique

Moments of tranquility – L’Imperatrice Gardenia"

12.  Could you please tell me what is your next plan in Perfumery?

- "We will go on with our collection dedicated to the royalty and nobility from other countries."

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13.  Perfume Market is rapidly changeful, what do you think will be the future of Perfumery, in 5 years, in 10 years?

- "Even nowadays, perfume customers are not simple people, these are the ones who do know the difference between copies and know the juice value in the bottle. The difference between hot spices and cold spices. So of course, big market players as Hermes, Chanel, Guerlain, Dior and others will keep the attention as a classic ones but in the same time all big suppliers as Symrise, IFF, Givaudan, etc. will continue producing and creating the new technology generation molecules. Interaction of materials will be more insistent than science, and I’m sure that the quality will be much higher and creations much more exciting. I think the well-known vision about the natural ingredients will stay in the past and people will understand the privileges of the science, advantage of these amazing materials.

These are my favorite words of the master of the last century in perfume industry:

“Art is a lie that tells the truth! That’s perfume for me. I lie. I create an illusion that is actually stronger than reality” Jean Claude Ellena."

14.  What words of guidance you can give to those who will be buying Niche Perfume nowadays?

- "The perfume industry is obsessed with the best sellers. There is a runway following the fashion to have such perfume as someone big and influential advertisement..., and this is a multibillion industry.

My advice is to be intelligent in your choice, to listen to your nose, not your eyes. To be unique with your choice and enjoy the perfume."

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