TFK. The best olfactive kitchen available

Photo by @dubaihasniche

Those who ever tried to blend or create perfumes at home will have some intimacy toward The Fragrance Kitchen (TFK), as all concept is deeply penetrated with culture, traditions and passion for perfumes.

Success ladder has brought TFK one more level up (in location at least, as previously it cozily located on Ground floor in Bloomingdale's): first TFK stand-alone boutique was recently opened in UAE (Dubai Mall, 1st Floor, opposite to Diptyque and near to Amouage).

Photo by @dubaihasniche

Great and highly anticipating moment for every Niche Brand. TFK is also known for its amazing way of decorating bottles, the design that continues story and idea of the brand, and now we can witness its conceptual beauty inside of the new modern Olfactive Kitchen.

Photo by @dubaihasniche

Your time is an investment when you spend it on Olfactive Therapy. Get your treatment at contemporary Olfactive Kitchen and experience perfumes from The Fragrance Kitchen.

Have a great olfactive time.