Visiting M.Micaleff. What an occasion.

It's Christmas time and one of the most influential reasons to buy gifts, in our case, fragrance gifts.

M.Micaleff store is located in City Walk, Dubai. Prime location and favorite destination of all who permanently or temporarily live in Dubai, especially during the "Golden season" (November - April), as I call it.

It's been already 20 years as Martine Micaleff pleases niche perfumes fans with its fragrances. Each perfume is a statement of style and character captured in an amazing artistic bottle.

In the center of the M.Micaleff Store is an olfactive table where you, cozily seated, will start your experience. Right in front of you an experienced assistant will offer you complimentary engraving and bottle personalization, great add-on.

At that special moment I wanted something vintage, passionate, and freshly spicy at the same time. Something between Chypre and Woody Aromatic. I've been offered several options like "Royal Vintage", Avant Garde", "Emir", however my attention has caught another fragrance, "Sensual" (see photo below).

Stunning bottle design, I'd describe as mysterious vintage royal, impresses, then comes fragrance. Sales Assistant was hesitating whether I like it or not, as she would offer it first to lady then a man, albeit it was the very right suggestion. Amazing winter scent.

As a final step of my olfactive visit I was bound to take some photos, as a reminder of intriguing and fascinating experience.

You can find M.Micaleff Store in City Walk, Dubai, near to L'ETO cafe.

Have a great olfactive time.