Xerjoff Alexandria. Welcome to the story of the Realm of olfactive palaces.

Xerjoff Oud Stars Alexandria II. Luxury Niche Perfume.

Xerjoff Alexandria Story.

There are only few stories in the perfume world like the story of Xerjoff Alexandria.

The Story that can be shown in a movie theater one day.

Originally inspired by the ancient Travels of Ibn Battuta and his journey to the glorious and world-famous city Alexandria, which is believed to have been founded by Alexander the Great.

The fragrance contained inside an Oud Oil that Sergio Momo, Founder of Xerjoff, was able to find through the local producers of one old rare far-away Oud Plantation.

The quantity was scant and limited, but Sergio was so amazed by the scent and properties of this oil, that he took it all for production of Alexandria.

Xerjoff immediately announced that the fragrance Alexandria will be available in limited edition, as the quantity of the raw material is seriously scant.

It was not that long as Alexandria disappeared from the market due to Oud oil running out completely.

Xerjoff users started demanding the fragrance and Sergio had no another option as to look for another, similar, Oud.

It took for Sergio over few years of passionate search, tireless travel across all the Asia in a search for that precious drops of Oil.

Finally the proper material was found in a quantity enough to continue production of Alexandria.

Albeit due to slight differences in the oils properties, the fragrance was not exactly the same, yet Xerjoff users prized it even more.

Thus Alexandria II started conquering the world.

Xerjoff Oud Stars Alexandria II Story.


Alexandria II is a fragrance story of the invisible yet lasting city built as the realm of olfactive palaces :

  • Amphitheater of intoxicating passion, the cult of your own essence.

  • Temple with incense burning in the dark, like eyes filled with passion reading love letter, bright enough to fill up a whole library.

  • Palace of intimacy filled out with a blooming rose, the missing half of the apple, the gentle strength of the cedar, and the lethal temptation of the lily of the valley.

  • River of passion flowing in the middle of the Realm, carrying mature Cambodian oud.

So as long as you wear the fragrance the Palaces lasts but don’t exist.

Welcome to Alexandria II.

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