Xerjoff Ceylon. Sevenfold Teardrops Story.

Xerjoff Oud Stars Ceylon. Luxury Niche Perfume

Among recent arrivals at Xerjoff Flagship Store curious niche perfumery connoisseur may already touch a beauty and be a part of abstract story of Cylon.

CEYLON is called “TEARDROP OF INDIA” and tells a story of not-widely-known travels of Ibn Battuta to the South Asia, Shri Lanka, historically called Ceylon.

Ceylon documented history has over 3000 years, with evidences of pre-historic human settlements dating back to at least 125 000 years.

Xerjoff Ceylon is constructed as a Sevenfold Story teardrops shed for an adieu or a sudden return.

First. The wind dries on the rosy cheeks a teardrop of honey extract,

After. Cool breeze caresses a teardrop of Bergamot, and the sun dries up a teardrop of Jasmine.

Third. Mists of evaporating teardrops spiral up to the sky and become a cyclone.

Forth. A hurricane of Black and Green tea from Ceylon, Malaysian Oud and Indian sandalwood swirl,

Fifth. His face still tirelessly turned to the sun.

Sixth. The scents of Vanilla, Amber and Musk make his chin raise.

Seventh. The head turns upwards, unaware of being just a whiff away from the greatest blessing of its life.

He, is the fragrance,

Teardrops of happiness evaporate on you, leading to the greatest bliss for the fragrance, your mesmerizing feelings.

Available at Xerjoff Flagship Store, The Dubai Mall