Xerjoff Perfume Interviews. New way of storytelling.

Story. How is it important for the fragrance to have a story? It is like a book, or a movie, if there is a story, they can be read or watched, otherwise it is ridiculous time-wasting.

If fragrance has a story, one day it had had a purpose, hence it has a meaning. Xerjoff is a Brand where everything has a meaning, and recent Xerjoff Interviews show us olfactive universe as we haven't seen yet before. It is a Storytelling, Educational Video, Marketing and just talks about perfumery.

You can watch full Xerjoff Interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FMHl2eJsGRzHa9g9O9ovA?view_as=subscriber

Enjoy watching.

Have a great olfactive time.