YSL. Le Vestiaire des Parfums. Fashion wardrobe or real luxury fragrances?

"Dubai Has a Niche" represents new luxury fragrance collection of famous fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent.

The collection of five fragrances represents an 'olfactory reinterpretation' of cult pieces from the Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe: Tuxedo(formal black suit), Caban (pea coat), Saharienne, Trench(raincoat) and Caftan(ankle-length garment with long sleeves).

Let's have a look what they've got:


"A spicy unisex scent that blends the matte texture of smoked patchouli with ambergris accord to express a magnetic and dark sex appeal. The sharp black pepper enhanced with the freshness of cardamom mirrors the satin stripe that runs along the seam of the trousers and the lapels of the jacket. With a refined sense of detail, the gleaming effect of the spices electrifies and highlights the sophistication of the garment. A bold masculine look transformed into a feminine staple by Yves Saint Laurent, the tuxedo is an expression of impertinent seduction".

Notes: Smoked Patchouli, Spices, Green Accord

Good seductive imaginative description. Difficult to disagree with it, the scent evokes similar images and feelings but if look at the scent itself, out of the story, we may find it successor of CHANEL EXCLUSIVES COROMANDEL and SYCOMORE. Intense Vetiver side juxtaposed with sweets and gentle Spicy Woods. Harmonic beginning turns into unrefined and harsh juxtaposition of Vetiver with Green Accord and Spice. According to Harvey Nichols statistic, it is best-selling fragrance among the rest so it satisfies tastes of people well.


"Indulgent vanilla and tonka bean notes create a delightful sensation of comfort while familiar accents of caramel, hay, and praline recall heart-warming memories. The ensemble is completed with illuminating sparks of pink pepper for a textured presence that becomes increasingly sophisticated as it rests upon the skin. Bringing together the charm of raw wool and the warm softness of an enveloping garment, CABAN is the expression of sophisticated authenticity". Notes: Pink Pepper, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

What it reminds me at the very beginning? TOM FORD SANTAL BLUSH. Same warm spicy beginning turns into creamy Sandalwood however CABAN is more compex, passionate and has a charming character. Highlighted Vetiver side of the fragrance appears after few minutes and envelop you into woody softness.


Creamy musk gracefully wraps a soft aura around the intense and animalistic neroli. Sensations intertwine and uncover infinite deserts, creating a hazy seduction that is bound to be carried by every wind. Designed for those Men and Women who share a common thirst for adventure, the safari jacket has remained an expression of untamable liberty. SAHARIENNE awakens the senses with powerful orange blossom, contrasted with the delicate wild grass tones of rosemary and thyme. Notes: Neroli Petals, White Musks, Wild Grass

Neroli, again...however I should admit it is a new level of Neroli-like fragrances. The scent floated between TOM FORD Neroli Portofino and ROJA DOVE Neroli but exceeds them in softness with gentle spicy notes and musk add on.


A citrus scent featuring dry cedarwood and white musk to create a solid and comforting base. Hints of bergamot and tangerine sparkle on top like drops of rain. Elegant iris belts the fragrance with its structured and refined silhouette, affirming a strong yet understated presence. The trench coat travels through time without ever altering its original qualities. TRENCH embodies the piece’s iconic elegance, provoking a discreetly sophisticated attitude and conveying a sense of relaxed authority. Notes: Citrus, Iris, dry cedarwood, white musk

Isn't it an art? Slightly evoking HERMES Un Jardin sur le Nil but with supreme level of elegance sensual charm and fresh seduction. Bohemian scent, refined and masterfully composed, the paragon of fresh fragrances.


A floating veil of incense embroidered with vanilla lightly drapes the skin in the same way that the fluidity of the caftan caresses the body. Inspired by the vibrancy of Moroccan culture, CAFTAN calls upon all the bursting and colorful fabrics of the East. The shimmering amber deploys deep sensual promises that mirror the exuberance and warmth of ochre and sandy shades. Notes: Amber, Incense, vanilla

Why don't it is a time for a church visit? Here we are experiencing all power of different resinoids. It gets warmed after several minutes however that overwhelming resinous/incense odour is still around the composition and for those who are not prepared to intense fragrances may seem head dizzying.